Mauricio Toro files for the third time a project to regulate transport apps

File Photo: A woman uses the Uber app on her cell phone in Bogotá, Colombia. January 30, 2020. REUTERS / Luisa Gonzalez

The representative to the Chamber Mauricio Toro filed for the third time his bill for the regulation of transport platforms for “Balance the field” by equating the charges and rights of both platform drivers and taxi drivers. Its central axis is to guarantee the citizen the right to freely choose what he wants to mobilize.

The congressman says that these three years of struggle have led to complaints filed with the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation and anonymous threats stating that it is a military objective. They seek to stop an inevitable debate in Colombia around the regulation of transport platforms.

“After three years that we have been battling in Congress, I celebrate that many voices from different parties agree with us, that the time has come to regulate the transport platforms, even if the taxi companies do not like it. In the project, I propose a modern regulation that eliminates charges for taxi drivers and allows platforms to function based on the free market, ”said the representative.

One of the main novelties that the project brings is that in the face of the cases of insecurity that have been reported by both users and platform drivers, it contemplates the creation of the Single National Registry of the Public Individual Transportation Service In a private vehicle Intermediated by Digital Platforms (RUNSPTI), which will be incorporated into RUNT, to be consulted in accordance with the criteria established by the Ministry of Transportation and will be subject to the provisions in force for the RUNT.

Toro’s proposal, which is now re-established, includes, among other things, the elimination of the taxi quota system, after compensation made by a fund fed by the 3 % of each service billed by transport platforms, “thus eliminating a mafia that has prevented the modernization of the transport sector in cities like Bogotá.”

Likewise, it proposes that the rates of the platforms are set for free competition, so that users choose the platforms with the best rates; and even that taxi drivers are allowed a kind of dynamic rate, as long as electronic devices and apps are used for its calculation and control.

Representative Mauricio Toro / Twitter
Representative Mauricio Toro / Twitter

The congressman states that this time he hopes that the national government will establish a position of support for the regulation and that it will stop putting a beating on the wheel as it has been doing through the Superintendency of Transportation and the Ministry of Transportation in the last legislature.

“It is very worrying that the Government insists on delaying and making this discussion more difficult just because it opposes my Project, which benefits the taxi sector, drivers and users. It is time to advance in a modern regulation adjusted to the reality of technology“, Held.

The congressman will insist on regulating in a modern way, eliminating unnecessary requirements on taxi drivers, instead of imposing new unnecessary requirements on platform drivers, based on the idea of ​​”balancing the field” for all market players, always focusing on the citizen and free competition.

The most relevant aspects are: Obligation for platforms to acquire accident insurance for passengers and drivers, require vehicles with adequate size and safety; Drivers of vehicles that provide service through transport platforms, will have to obtain the same driving license as taxi drivers, among others.

Another important issue is that the platforms will have to pay income tax on the full rate in Colombia. Currently, what users pay per fee goes directly to their headquarters, and therefore does not constitute taxable income in Colombia.


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