Magaly Medina opens an online store to sell her exclusive used clothing

Magaly Medina now sells her used clothes. (Photo: Instagram)

On social media, especially Instagram, many people have started selling the clothes they no longer wear, so it would be a good deal for those looking for an extra income. Apparently, Magaly Medina did not want to be left behind and did exactly the same.

With more than a million followers on her networks, the popular ‘Urraca’ announced the sale of the clothes she no longer wears, but with the difference that the clothes she offers are branded.

Fendi, Gucci y Dior are some of the brands that we can find in its varied catalog. Likewise, the controversial journalist advertises her ‘closet sale’ so that her followers can quickly acquire these products.

In the publications we can see that the fans of Magaly medina They make some offers for the clothes they have, although many of them think that it is also somewhat expensive, because for a Stika Semsch dress one must pay the sum of 500 soles, although a new one costs about 1000 dollars.


Aída Martínez remembered when Magaly medina He criticized his second-hand business, so the Arequipa suggested that he not question the efforts of others if in the end he will have doing the same.

A long time ago there was a person who criticized second-hand businesses, well in particular mine, I imagine because I am known and etc, implying that “what disgusting, who is going to wear used clothes”, or implying that it was not profitable”, He commented.


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