“Let’s make a ‘Disaster Families Support Act’ for the families affected by industrial accidents”

Since it is difficult to heal the pain of the families of industrial accident victims with ordinary social welfare services, a proposal has been made that social services should be provided in consideration of the peculiarities of industrial accidents such as disasters. The argument is to support care, medical services, and psychological services by enacting the Provisional Disaster Family Support Act.

On the afternoon of the 11th at the National Assembly Hall, ‘Industrial accidents are social disasters for families’ were held at the National Assembly Hall in the afternoon of the 11th by Hope Mr. Co-hosted a discussion forum to present the research results for the establishment of an industrial accident family support system.

Mr. Hope, an incorporated association, interviewed eight families who died from accidents, overwork, and severe disabilities, and the families of industrial accident victims shared in common that they had difficulties in the process of approving industrial accidents. As a non-professional, I had to go through the industrial accident approval process without even having time to mourn the death of my family, and I experienced social isolation and psychological pain in the process. In the case of severe disability, it was difficult to adjust to life as a family of the disabled and faced economic problems.

According to the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act (Industrial Accident Insurance Act), the government can carry out “projects for the promotion of the welfare of injured workers and their bereaved families, such as scholarship programs.” Although the Korea Labor Welfare Corporation and the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency are in charge of the project, the scope of support for families affected by industrial accidents is very narrow. The Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Corporation provides scholarship programs, but excludes university tuition. Occupational trauma centers of the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency are only 13 in the country, and they only support psychological counseling. The Ministry of Health and Welfare’s one-stop service for survivors of suicide does not provide legal services related to industrial accident applications, and the Ministry of Public Administration and Security’s disaster psychological recovery support center is not clear whether industrial accidents are included in the disaster category, making it difficult for families to use.

In order to make the fragmented social services available to families affected by industrial accidents, two alternatives are being proposed. The opinion is to revise the Basic Act on Disaster and Safety Management (Disaster Safety Act) so that industrial accidents are defined as disasters, and to use ordinary social welfare services based on this. However, in this method, since our social welfare services are operated based on income, there is a high possibility that families affected by industrial accidents will be excluded.

Another alternative is to enact a provisional name disaster family support law to include them. Baek Seung-ho, professor of social welfare at the Catholic University of Korea, who gave the presentation, said, “It may be easier to implement a plan to include industrial accident families in the existing support system than to create a new support system. There is a limit to solving the multi-layered needs experienced by families in an integrated way,” he pointed out. Professor Baek suggested, “It is necessary to provide integrated services to families suffering economic and psychological difficulties due to social disasters such as industrial accidents and suicides as well as natural disasters by introducing the Disaster Family Support Act.”


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