Intelligent grid control: Eon subsidiaries gridX and Westenergie cooperate

Successful pilot project

In the event of a network bottleneck, the overall system is able to recognize this, access flexible loads in a controlled manner and thus prevent equipment overload.

The existing EMS from gridX at a pilot location with 17 charging stations and solar systems had already ensured a local optimization of the energy flows within the available capacity limit. From now on, this performance limit can be adapted intelligently and depending on the grid status of the Netzbetrieb 4.0 system via the backend of gridX.

According to the digital start-up, this makes the previously required safety buffers for rare power peaks in the network obsolete and ensures that the performance of the distribution network is optimally used in the future. On the one hand, this reduces the costs for network expansion, and on the other hand, the integration of additional charging infrastructure or other loads is accelerated.

Flexible and scalable

The company gridX, which is majority owned by the Eon Group, has a platform on which innovative energy solutions can be developed and rolled out quickly and in a scalable manner. “This pilot project shows on the one hand the flexibility of our platform and on the other hand the scalability of the solutions based on xenon. Thanks to our modular approach and close cooperation with our partner Westnetz, we can implement future-oriented projects to accelerate the integration of charging infrastructure into the power grid and drive the mobility transition, ”says Tim Steinmetz, Chief Growth Officer of gridX.

Robin Schiwek, Project Manager at Westnetz, adds: “The solutions developed together with gridX bring the urgently needed flexibility and dynamism into the network. The efficiency gains that result from this reduce costs for everyone involved – especially for the end users. We make this possible through networking a higher proportion of renewable energies and thus play our part in the energy transition. ” (hoe)

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