Insecurity in the suburbs: a 17-year-old young man was murdered while working in a José C. Paz bakery

A new crime occurred from the unbearable wave of unsafety that whips the Buenos Aires suburbs. This Wednesday a A 17-year-old baker was murdered in the town of José C. Paz. As with the case of the Ramos Mejía kiosk, the crime occurred in the vicinity of a police station in the area where neighbors – after learning of the murder – went to demand security and justice.

The victim was identified as Joel sanchez, a teenager who worked in a neighborhood bakery and he wanted to join the National Gendarmerie. The preliminary information provided so far by the portal Inforbano indicates that the 17-year-old was killed while he was working.

Police information accessed Infobae ensures that the fact was reported by a neighbor who came to the bakery on the corner of Cumaná and Martín Coronado and saw the young man injured. Thus, a patrolman from Police Station 3 of José C. Paz arrived at the scene. Joel was transferred to the Caporaleti hospital, almost 30 blocks away, where he lost his life.

There is an identified suspect, as confirmed by police sources: as it transpired, he is a 43-year-old man living in the area. The killer fled by bicycle. While escaping, he lost a cell phone and a butcher knife, the possible murder weapon. The same sources assure that “no missing of the victim or the bakery were detected”

After learning of Joel’s crime, neighbors, family and friends went to protest at the Police station 3, located on Potosí street, which paradoxically was reported that It is located one block from where the brutal murder occurred.

In social networks Videos of the last hours circulated in which different people went to the police station to demand security and demand justice for the death of Sánchez. Some beating pots, others burning branches to cut the street.

A sad image that repeats itself almost four days after the crime of Roberto Sabo, the kiosk that was assassinated last Sunday while serving his kiosk in Ramos Mejía, in the western area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires.

A sad image that repeats itself (Adrian Escandar /)

Sabo’s remains were fired on Wednesday. Nicolás, his eldest son, stated: “These kinds of people didn’t do it because they lacked food. Today I saw the autopsy and what they did is unforgivable”. And I add: “I don’t want them dead, I want them to have a very bad time in jail. My old man is going to make a milestone “.

“They are murderers. There were always robberies, they robbed us like 4, 5 times. But the difference is that before thieves had codes “, expressed Nicolás indignantly.

The brutal and cowardly murder of Sabo touched a nerve in society and in the residents of the Buenos Aires suburbs: it turned on a protest at the 2nd Police Station in Ramos Mejía, three blocks from where the event occurred. The next day, the residents began a mobilization towards the section that the Buenos Aires Police prevented and repressed last Monday.

Last night the Minister of Security spoke publicly again, Sergio Berni, who explained that “the province has three homicides per day” and despite the social unrest as a result of the robberies and murders that occur daily, defended his management, specifying that Compared to 2019, crimes fell “on average 25%”.

Amid the wave of claims and proposals from the opposition, he referred to the death penalty. Although Berni clarified that because he is a Catholic he thinks that “life can only be obtained by the one who gives it”, from a technical and moral point of view, his pulse would not “shake” to apply it. “I would not be afraid to apply the death penalty”He assured, but warned that “there is a risk of executing an innocent person” due to “the imperfection of the judicial system.”

“It is imperfect and constitutionally unfeasible, but if I have to sit down to discuss it, I don’t take my ass out of the syringe”he explained about his posture.


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