Hydrogen from the desert: Thyssenkrupp becomes a strategic partner at Dii Desert Energy

The MENA region has the potential to become one of the pioneers in the implementation of large-scale projects for green hydrogen and ammonia, the group is convinced. Bilateral energy partnerships with Saudi Arabia or Morocco are intended to accelerate this development. Thyssenkrupp is convinced that the key to creating an international market for “green molecules” such as hydrogen, ammonia and e-fuels is to bring together the right players from technology providers, users and consumers. The Dii should appear as a “market enabler” for hydrogen technology.

Export electrolysers, import hydrogen

As Cornelius Matthes, CEO of Dii, emphasizes, Thyssenkrupp is both one of the largest buyers of green hydrogen for steel production and the world’s largest manufacturer of alkaline electrolysers. This will advance the work of the industrial network along the entire value chain across the continent. (amo)


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