How the penalty to Hamilton in the Brazilian GP would benefit Checo Pérez

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After the Mexican Grand Prix, the emotions of the Formula 1 continue. Next weekend, Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and Czech Pérez They will fight for the podium again, but this time they will race in Brazil. For this competition, the team of Mercedes plans to change the engine of Hamilton’s car, which would cause a five-place penalty for the English pilot. This could benefit the Mexican from the school Red Bull.

Last weekend, Verstappen took first place, followed by Hamilton and Sergio Pérez closing the podium. This Red Bull victory over Mercedes prompted the last team to implement some changes to its car for the next races. For the Brazilian Grand Prix, Mercedes will bet on changing the engine of Hamilton’s car, placing a new one from internal combustion.

This change will cost the Mercedes flagship driver five positions on the grid. Considering that Hamilton was two places ahead of Sergio Pérez in the last classification To determine the starting order, the fact that the British rider has to descend five rungs in the starting order may benefit the Mexican rider if he returns to fight among the top positions next weekend.

The Mexican Sergio Pérez of Red Bull accumulates three podiums in a row.  (Photo: EFE / Carlos Ramírez)
The Mexican Sergio Pérez of Red Bull accumulates three podiums in a row. (Photo: EFE / Carlos Ramírez)

The starting positions for the race in Brazil are not yet defined. The classification will be played on Saturday, November 13, with a Sprint race. This will be the third time that this modality will dictate the order of the pilots for the great race on Sunday, the previous two were in the Great Britain Grand Prix and of Italy respectively.

The last time there was a sprint race, the winner was Valtteri Bottas, followed by Hamilton and later Daniel Ricciardo. Hamilton was in fifth place and Checo in ninth. Perhaps this form of classification is not the best for the English or the Mexican, but both have stood out for their ability to pass. Assuming that Brazil has a similar classification to that of Italy, Pérez can obtain a better starting position due to the sanction of his competitor.

The native of Jalisco has achieved a good streak in the last three races, as got the podium consecutively in the Grand Prix of Turkey, the United States and Mexico. This good run has placed him with the fourth best score of the 2021 competition, behind Bottas. If the Mexican manages to get into the top three in the next race, he could dream of fighting for third place of the season.

Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio "Czech" Pérez got the first and third place respectively, this during the Grand Prix of Mexico.  (Photo: REUTERS / Francisco Guasco)
Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio “Checo” Pérez took first and third places respectively, this during the Mexican Grand Prix. (Photo: REUTERS / Francisco Guasco)

During the last laps at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Sergio perez He tried to pass Hamilton and look for second place, however, he never gave up and the podium settled as we know it. It is a fact that the Mexican represents a direct competition for the British. “This second place cost me to give everything because Czech He was putting a lot of pressure on me, always staying close and with that he was showing the power of his car ”, Hamilton expressed after the race.

With this background, one can think of a great performance by the second Red Bull rider for his participation in Brazil. However, it should be noted that Hamilton has already been crowned with the first place in this circuit, in the 2018 and 2016 season.

The intention of the engine change is to fight in a more direct way with Verstappen for the first place in future competitions, although it has already been shown that everything is possible in Formula 1.


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