Halle: modernization of the energy parks completed

Energieversorgung Halle (EVH) and Stadtwerke Halle have been preparing for the energy transition since 2015 and decided to modernize the Dieselstrasse and Trotha energy parks. To do this, they invested heavily in modernizing their energy generation infrastructure, in new technologies and effective systems in order to be less dependent on the market. They invested 150 million euros in both energy parks (including CHP subsidies from the federal government) and 120 million euros in the expansion of renewable energies.

“In-house production”

Olaf Schneider never tires of praising the alliance of the Halle Energy Initiative and the common idea as the basis for success: “The Halle Energy Initiative gave us planning security and we can protect ourselves against price explosion at an early stage without planning security no financing, without financing no investment decision. ” The modernization of the energy parks has now been completed and “we are the first to have succeeded in bringing CHP systems up to the state of the art”. “We can, but don’t have to, produce electricity, we are flexible with the large heat storage and our own CHP systems,” says Schneider happily. The Halle residents would have the production in their own hands. In addition, there is electricity production from renewable energies. (gun)


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