Gustavo Adolfo Infante launched himself against Carlos Ballarta due to Chespirito’s comment: “I run away hoping he doesn’t assault me”

Gustavo Adolfo Infante once again attacked the comedian Carlos Ballarta (Photos: Instagram / @ gainfante / @ ballartavaleverga)

Gustavo Adolfo Infante once again attacked the standup Carlos Ballarta after their controversies statements against Roberto Gómez Bolaños. The entertainment journalist gave his acid opinion on the program First hand, where he pointed out that Ballarta’s appearance intimidates him and launched a controversial comment.

“I didn’t have it located on the map. Maybe due to lack of time to see the show from people I don’t know”, Commented Gustavo Adolfo Infante. The also presenter of television programs acknowledged that he was unaware of Ballarta’s work before he was in the eye of the hurricane when he criticized “Chespirito.”

The journalist specializing in entertainment highlighted that the position of the standup about Gómez Bolaños it only served to gain fame: “Talk about a dead person, as well as an emblem of comedy in Latin America in order to hang yourself.”

Adolfo Infante did not stop there, as he attacked Carlos Ballarta’s physical appearance without hesitation: “The only thing that provokes me is that I do see him, I start running hoping he doesn’t assault me”Added the presenter of First hand.

For its part, Mónica Noguera, also host of the Imagen Televisión program, rescued: “They talk about different generations. In addition, the way in which Carlos Ballarta expresses himself, this is his comedy. Is acidic”.

(Photo: Addis Tuñón's Instagram)
Hosts of the program “De primera mano” (Photo: Addis Tuñón’s Instagram)

Noguera’s comment upset Gustavo Adolfo Infante more, who wanted to put the driver in trouble: “You can’t put what you want in someone else’s answers”, stressed Mónica Noguera before the comments of Adolfo Infante.

Adolfo Infante, host and columnist, has been the most incipient before the comments made by Carlos Ballarta regarding the comedy “Chespirito”. Previously, Infante noted for his YouTube channel: “The level that Mr. Carlos Ballarta handles in comedy, I think it’s funny, little current”.

carlos ballarta
Carlos Ballarta is the host of “Status QLO”, a podcast of political and social variety (Photo: Instagram)

In the same way, he sublimated the work of Gómez Bolaños: “He had the most successful program on Mexican television. A program that broke schemes, that broke borders, that opened the border of Mexico and put the name of the company in which he worked, which is Televisa, at the top ”, he added for his YouTube channel.

Carlos Ballarta, for his part, has not responded more forcefully to Adolfo Infante. The comedian revealed for his social networks that he did not regret it after seeing the storm of divided opinions about his position against “Chespirito.” Ballarta even gave an editorial for the portal Washington Post, where he extended his critical vision towards Gómez Bolaños.

(Screenshot: @ ballartavaleverga / instagram)
The standupero rescued a cardboard about the controversy (Capture: @ ballartavaleverga / instagram)

Without joining in a personal brawl with Infante, a Facebook comment issued by Carlos Ballarta emerged in a publication by the celebrity journalist. The update in question was a snippet from his YouTube video. The comedian wrote in the comments: “Okay, but don’t cry anymore, sir. Look how swollen it looks ”.

The controversy originated in the show Extended version with Tenoch Huerta. When questioned about Gómez Bolaños’ comedy, Ballarta extended: “As for comedy, “Chespirito” is one of the worst things that has happened to Mexican comedy”.

Ballarta sparked controversy with his show called
Ballarta sparked controversy with his show called “God is dead” (Photo: Instagram / @ ballartavaleverga)

The comedian and podcast host as The Don Piter Show and Status QLO, He stressed that he does not let his son watch the programs created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños. In addition, he recalled that “Chespirito” appeared in Chile during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, characterized by strong events of violence.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s statements contrasted with those of Adrian Uribe, by whom the interview arose in First hand. The actor, with characters such as “El Vitor”, stressed that it is difficult to criticize a historical person like Gómez Bolaños, but he also acknowledged having seen a Ballarta special: “I really like his work, his different comedy,” he said.


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