Guillermo del Toro: who is Kim Morgan, the screenwriter who stole his heart

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In recent days, the Mexican film director and producer, Guillermo del Toro, revealed his marital status, after referred to the screenwriter, Kim Morgan, as “his wife.”. Both have been in a relationship for three years and work together in Nightmare Alley, the award-winning director’s latest production.

According to the magazine Variety, both would have celebrated a marriage bond in May of this 2021 in an extremely discreet and private ceremony, which only people close to the couple attended.

Kim Morgan is a well-known Hollywood screenwriter PHOTO: Instagram / @ sunsetgun
Kim Morgan is a well-known Hollywood screenwriter PHOTO: Instagram / @ sunsetgun

Kim Morgan is a well-known Hollywood screenwriter, as well as an art historian and film critic. In her work as a critic she has developing film reviewss available on their social networks.

Kim has also served as a curator of seventh art festivals and served as a television presenter on the channel Turner Classic Movies and its streaming movie service, MovieStruck.

He was also a juror at the Sundance Festival and co-directed the Telluride Fil Festival. Has written for major magazines What Sight & Sound, Playboy and The Los Angeles Review of Books. As a screenwriter he made two tapes of: Seances and The Forbidden Room, in addition to the one currently working with del Toro.

PHOTO: Instagram/@sunsetgun
PHOTO: Instagram/@sunsetgun

In their social networks, Kim proves to be a cinephile at heart and constantly shares photos with film personalities. In addition, he recently used his Instagram account to congratulate Guillermo del Toro on his birthday in October of this year.

“It’s a special day, happy birthday, Guillermo”, wrote in a publication where he also shared a photograph of the award-winning Mexican director known for films such as The Pan’s Labyrinth and The form of water.

PHOTO: Instagram/@sunsetgun
PHOTO: Instagram/@sunsetgun

Guillermo del Toro was married for 20 years to Lorenza Newton, mother of his daughters Marisa and Mariana. However, the couple separated in 2017. For her part, Kim Morgan had a four-year marriage with Canadian director of experimental short films Guy Maddin.

One year later, in 2018, The two met when del Toro was just beginning to form the project of Nightmare Alley. This relationship turned into a romance shortly after, as they were seen together as a couple, for the first time, during that year’s Oscar awards gala, when del Toro won two statuettes for La Forma del Agua: best director and best film.

When they began dating, del Toro had to clarify that their separation occurred in February 2017 and their formal divorce in September of that same year to avoid gossip about his new relationship with Morgan, whom, he said, he began to frequent in the summer. “In case there is any news, let’s clarify that I separated in February. I started working with her in late summer”He declared.

(Photo: AP)
(Photo: AP)

Due to their closeness at work, support and their feelings in common, the couple made the decision to marry three years later, within the framework of the premiere of their “son” in which they have worked practically since they met: Nightmare Alley.

It was during the LACMA Art + Film Gala red carpet that Guillermo del Toro referred to Morgan as “my wife”. They are both currently working on the film. Nightmare Alley, she as a screenwriter (which represents her debut in a feature film) and he as a director. This film has taken almost three years to make due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but some experts point out that it has a lot of potential to win an Oscar.


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