Guillermo Brown will receive All Boys for date 34 from zone B

The teams come to this meeting with mixed luck. The premises are motivated by the victory obtained the previous day, while the visit needs to return to the triumph after having fallen against Güemes (SE).

Guillermo Brown defeated Atlético Rafaela 1-0 in their previous match and will look for another favorable result at home. In the last 4 games played, he was a loser on 2 occasions and equalized in 2 games.

All Boys comes from losing in their stadium to Güemes (SE) by 1 to 2. In their last matches they had 1 loss and 3 draws.

Brown (M) and All Boys will meet tomorrow at 16:00. The match corresponding to date 34 of zone B of Argentina – Primera Nacional 2021 will be played at the Raul Conti stadium.

The last 5 times they met in the tournament they had all the possible results. The local team accumulated 2 victories, while the visit added 2. In 1 match they ended up even on the scoreboard.

The designated referee for the match is Adrián Franklin.

Note and Image Source: DataFactory

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