Guerreros Puerto Rico host is enraged by Patricio Parodi’s comment and threatens to leave Esto es Guerra

Patricio Parodi’s comment infuriates Guerreros Puerto Rico host. (Photo: America TV)

José Figueroa, conductor of Warriors Puerto Rico, enraged and threatened to leave This is war together with your team after Patrick Parodi point out that he was giving points to the Puerto Rican team. This happened when visitors complained about a game, pointing out that the rules were unclear.

This November 10 there was a third date of the contest This is War vs Warriors Puerto Rico. There was no lack of competition, but neither were there any complaints from the visitors. These were not well taken by the captain of This is War, Patricio Parodi, who pointed out that he gave them the point.

Immediately the driver of Guerreros Puerto Rico, José Figueroa, pointed out that they are not asking to be awarded points, they are only demanding that everything be fair. He also indicated that if Patricio makes a similar comment again, he will have no problem grabbing his team and withdrawing from This is War.

Gian Piero Díaz and Yaco Eskenazi had to intervene here. The first pointed out that the intention of the competition is a friendly meeting, so it should not reach adults and that Patricio’s comment was only to say. While Yaco pointed out that he believed it was fair to repeat the round, agreeing with both teams.

“We do not come here so that nobody gives us anything and I hope that is clear to you. If they say again that they give us a point, we leave and you will be left with the desire to win us ”, he pointed.

“When you went to Mexico, your driver (for Johanna San Miguel) took out her tear cloth and an excuse book, where she asked the drivers of Mexico to modify the rules according to you and I have the evidence”, he limited.

And although you could see a Johanna San Miguel and a Patricio Parodi who wanted to continue responding, both Gian Piero and Yaco were in charge of putting cold cloths on the situation.


This November 10 was held on the last day of competition. From tomorrow, Thursday, the Grand Final of the contest begins This is war vs. Warriors Puerto Rico. For the third consecutive day, the Peruvian team beat their Puerto Rican opponents, achieving a total of 800 points before 600 points. That is why they had the option of choosing between three envelopes. Patricio Parodi was in charge of choosing, this contained 150 points.

This is how Esto es Guerra will start the Grand Final with 150 extra points, which will take place this Thursday, November 11 and Friday, November 12. Relive all the incidents from the third day of competition here.


Esto es Guerra wins the extra points for the Grand Final with Guerreros Puerto Rico. Relive the third day of mourning here!

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