Gas prices are rising in Cologne and Düsseldorf, while electricity prices are falling in Tübingen

“Strategy helps to dampen the biggest price peaks”

Rheinenergie covers up to 15 months in advance, especially for its existing customers; According to its own information, it procures permanently in smaller batches into the future, which reduces cost risks. “This strategy pays off because you may never be among the cheapest providers, but you can dampen the biggest price peaks,” writes the company.

The electricity prices for existing customers (private and commercial customers) will remain stable as of January 1st. As announced, Rheinenergie will switch all private and commercial customers to green electricity at no extra charge on January 1, 2022. For new customers, it may be necessary to supply them at changed conditions, as there are in some cases barely calculable risks on the market that can affect prices, the regional supplier said.

Insolvencies or the termination of contracts with other providers could result in a large number of people in the replacement or basic supply of Rheinenergie; these would all be safely supplied, but the company must procure the additional quantities for this at the currently extremely high market prices, since a development like the current one cannot be foreseen in a long-term procurement.

In Düsseldorf, natural gas is on average 11.5 percent more expensive

From January 1st, the natural gas supply will also be more expensive for the Düsseldorf municipal utilities. There the price for one kilowatt hour of natural gas rises by 0.85 cents (gross). Stadtwerke customers with an annual average consumption of 11,500 kWh, typical for a living space of 100 square meters, expect an additional annual charge of 97.75 euros from January 1, 2022 (example tariff: Düsselgas Klassik). This corresponds to an increase of 11.5 percent. According to the press release, there are currently no plans to adjust the electricity price.

Tübingen: Gas price rises by up to 16 percent / electricity becomes cheaper

Stadtwerke Tübingen (swt) was also able, according to its own information, to dampen the effects of the massive increases in wholesale gas prices for its customers thanks to its procurement strategy. The natural gas tariffs there will rise by eleven to 16 percent in the coming year.

The general increases in natural gas procurement, higher CO2-Prices and increased transport costs led to an increase in the working price of 0.9 cents net or 1.07 cents gross per kilowatt hour for all natural gas tariffs (in the basic supply tariff by 1.0 cents net or 1.19 cents gross per kWh) , is it[called

In contrast, electricity prices will drop by 0.84 cents net or one cent gross per kilowatt hour in all tariffs from 2022. Depending on the tariff, this corresponds to between 2.6 and 3 percent. In the tariffs for heat pumps and storage heating, the price per kilowatt hour drops by 0.67 cents net (0.80 cents gross).

Significant increase in district heating prices in Tübingen

In contrast, the district heating prices of swt will rise by an average of 26 percent in the coming year. The cost drivers are the increased natural gas prices as well as the also strongly increased costs from the CO2-Emissions trading. (how)

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