Failure in several federal states: emergency calls 110 and 112 disturbed

Status: 11.11.2021 6:36 a.m.

The emergency numbers 110 and 112 could not be reached early in the morning in many federal states. This was announced by the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief. However, some regions have already given the all-clear again.

In several federal states, the emergency numbers 110 and 112 for the police and fire brigade were canceled early in the morning. There were warning messages from the Federal Office for Civil Protection from the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt as well as from the major cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main. The cause was initially unknown.

The police in Berlin announced that citizens in need should contact the local police section or call the citizen hotline on 030 46644664. A solution is being worked on at full speed. Further details were not known at first.

Some emergency services can only be reached on site

From the situation center of the state government of Saxony-Anhalt, it was said that the police and rescue services could not be reached via the mobile or landline network. In an emergency, the police and fire brigade can be reached at their locations.

In all of Lower Saxony, in addition to the emergency numbers, the trunk lines of the police and hospitals were also affected by the failure. Numerous districts in the northernmost state of Schleswig-Holstein also reported disruptions. There the all-clear was given again for several cities at 6 a.m.

A spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior in Baden-Württemberg also announced in the early morning that the cause of the disruption was still unclear. It is also unknown when it will be remedied. The Interior Ministry asked people in the southwest to call the local police station in case of an emergency.

First all clear

In the meantime, however, the first all-clear: In the districts of Kiel, Rendsburg-Eckernförde and Plön in Schleswig-Holstein, the emergency numbers 110 and 112 could be reached again by phone. The all-clear has now been given again for Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony as well as the cities of Kassel, Steinfurt, Mönchengladbach and Schwerin.

In Cologne there was also a widespread failure of electricity, telephone network and drinking water. The authorities said the disruption will be resolved as soon as possible. The power consumption should be reduced to the bare minimum using rechargeable batteries and batteries.

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