Elections 2021. Florencio Randazzo closed the campaign in Chivilcoy: “Our strength thinks about the people, not the leaders”

The candidate for national deputy of Vamos con Vos, Florencio Randazzo, closed his campaign in the Buenos Aires party of Chivilcoy, where he carried out a series of activities related to employment, industry and security, three of the fundamental axes of his proposals for the National Congress.

From his hometown, Randazzo assured that “Vamos con Vos thinks about the people, not the leaders” and advocated that the citizens of the province of Buenos Aires can accompany the list that he heads next Sunday: “TWe have the possibility of putting other colors in the parliament, that not everything is black and white, because that prevents the possibility of building agreements thinking about the future of Argentina”.

In this context, the former Minister of the Interior and Transport said: “We have done a lot by managing, to improve people’s lives” and, for this reason, he insisted on “getting out of the confrontation that keeps us away from the possibility of solving the problems that today they have the Argentines ”.

Florencio Randazzo and Carolina Castro top the list of the Vamos Con Vos front.

In this sense, he highlighted the “lack of responsibility and seriousness of the leaders,” and emphasized the need for “new voices in Congress” that “discuss” and “offer solutions” in matters of security, work, justice and education. “In this way we will ensure that Argentina travels a path of social ascent and progress”Added the candidate for deputy, as reported by the campaign command in a press release.

From Chivilcoy, where he also visited companies located in the industrial park, Randazzo pointed to the elections on November 14: “You have to go vote and do it by a force like Vamos con Vos”, and then he emphasized: “We work, we don’t shout, we have concrete proposals that provide real solutions”.


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