Dollar today: the free quote touched $ 207 and scored a new record

The free dollar sustains the uptrend

In the week prior to the legislative elections, the free dollar surpassed the 200 peso barrier and stretched the exchange rate gap above 100 percent. This Thursday it is sold at $ 206.50 after 3 pm, with an increase of 1.50 pesos.

The currency started the wheel with a jump of two pesos, $ 207 per unit, which was a new all-time high.

Since PASO, the free dollar has risen 11.9% or 21 pesos in less than two months, from $ 185 on September 10. And in 2021 he scores a profit of 24.4 percent.

“It should be noted that, although these Nominal values ​​can be exuberant, still far from those that the market came to pay in times of marked deterioration in expectations and high excess of pesos, such as those of October last year. In the case of blue, the $ 195 nominal pesos at that time are equivalent to $ 301.90 today ”, they described from Personal Investments Portfolio.

The wholesale dollar, at $ 100.18, is traded up three cents on the day, while the exchange gap reaches 106.1%, the highest in almost a year, since November 13, 2020.

The Central Bank continues in November with its daily liquidity regulatory intervention in the wholesale market and in the month it scores a negative balance of about 320 million of dollars.

“As was to be expected on the eve of the election, the tension continued to escalate on the exchange front as clear reflection of the search for coverage of economic agents: the BCRA sold again in the MULC after the last regulation that stimulated private supply and the dollar blue reached its historical nominal maximum ”, indicated the analysts of Portfolio Personal.

“The excess pesos derived from the monetary issue to finance the treasury, it continues to be channeled -or partially reabsorbed- via imports through the exchange market, ”they argued from Portfolio Personal.

According to the economist Gustavo Ber, “The operators are closely following the rapid resumption of the negative balances left by the BCRA interventions, which is expected to evaluate a new regime after the elections to stop the drain on net reserves ”.

In that sense, Bookings international markets fell USD 89 million on Wednesday to 42,790 million of dollars.

Without financing and without credibility, you cannot function. What Argentina needs is a plan integral that works for the country, “he said. Javier Timerman, AdCap partner and co-founder of Banza, in CNN Radio.

“The Argentine problem does not pass so much by the type of public policies, but rather by the type of consensus that is generated to advance towards a comprehensive economic plan, either more of a center, more interventionist or more of the market. And what today is hindering progress in the negotiations with the IMF is that. In Argentina, much more political clarity, more political anchor and credibility are needed ”, Timerman estimated.

“Since the beginning of 2021, the Argentine financial system has submitted a increased exposure of its assets to the public sector and the BCRA. This trend has increased the credit risk of financial institutions, although it is partially mitigated by its high level of capitalization and because, unlike what happened in the 2001 crisis, the invested assets are denominated in local currency. by more than 95%, ”said Carlos De Nevares, from Moody’s.


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