Detractors of AMLO assured that “transported” in New York received USD 150

Hundreds of Mexicans received AMLO when he arrived in New York (Photo: AP / Eduardo Munoz Alvarez)

On November 9, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) traveled to New York, United States, to address a message at the Security Council of the United Nations Organization (UN) on corruption, migration, security and health , in which he also made some harsh criticism of international authorities.

However, as soon as he stepped onto US soil, hundreds of Mexicans greeted him with chants and applause. With mariachi music, “Las Mañanitas”, for his birthday next Saturday, with shouts of “Reelection, reelection!” and “It is an honor to be with Obrador”, they gave him welcome at the John F. Kennedy airport as well as at the Millenium Hilton hotel, where he stayed.

However, these cheers were harshly criticized by the president’s detractors, who assured that it was a group of “transported” who were paid up to USD 150 for coming to support the president, so his words of encouragement, posters and smiles were totally false.

It was Pedro Ferriz Hijar who made this information known during a dialogue on his father’s program, Pedro Ferriz de Con. In it, he assured that migrant organizations from the Big Apple and a source within the Mexican consulate confirmed who offered 80, 100 and even USD 150 to go on and cheer on AMLO during his tour.

The organization called Morena New York Committee 1 boasted in networks that it was in charge of planning the event, but they never mentioned anything about the "hauled" (Photo: AP / Eduardo Munoz Alvarez)
The organization called Morena New York Committee 1 boasted in networks that it was in charge of planning the event, but they never mentioned anything about the “carried” (Photo: AP / Eduardo Munoz Alvarez)

Likewise, he pointed out that not all those present were Mexican, since also reported the presence of Guatemalans and Hondurans who “passed the casting” to carry out this celebration.

“These people who were going to yell at the president stopped going to work. I need us to understand the conditions in which these migrants live in the United States, “said Ferriz Hijar, while questioning this decision by the people, who” lost the day “in their work to support López Obrador.

According to his data, he mentioned that Those in charge of carrying out this maneuver were members of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) to increase the image that AMLO has as the second most popular president in the world.

Finally, he classified the intervention of the president in front of the UN as “ridiculous”, since his proposals were not supported and he made requests that no other president had made.

What a ridiculous performance of #AMLO at the UN … Apparently no one told him that he was going to the SECURITY COUNCIL. The president @lopezobrador_ saw an international forum where he wanted to show off but achieved the opposite, “wrote Ferriz Hijar on his Twitter account.

(Photo: Twitter)
(Photo: Twitter)

Another person who supposedly obtained information regarding the “hauled” was the actor Mauricio Martínez, who from social networks shared the story of “the lady who helps me with the cleaning in my apartment here in NY.”

According to your version, This woman, whom she did not identify by name or surname, is also Mexican and told her that they had offered USD100 to applaud AMLO during his visit to the American city.

“Obvious it wasn’t. Pure hauled. Do not be fooled. Nobody does that ridiculous for free, ”Martinez remarked.

So far this information has not been confirmed. It is only known that the one in charge of organizing the reception of AMLO was the organization called Morena New YorkComité 1, which boasted andl event titled “AMLOFestNYC” in their social networks.

From a day before the arrival of the president, on Sunday afternoon, this group of people took to the streets of the Big Apple while carrying blankets and posters with the image of AMLO, in addition to the participation of a group of mariachis who sang various themes like Cielito Lindo. The president’s supporters called for #AMLOFest, which will take place today at 6:00 p.m. at Azteca Hall, 225 47th Street, Brooklyn.


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