Deputies generally approved PEF 2022

A parliamentary discussion of more than 90 hours is expected to be approved in particular (Photo: Courtesy of the Chamber of Deputies)

On the night of this Wednesday, November 10, the Chamber of Deputies approved in general and in particular of the non-reserved Draft Decree of Budget of Expenditures of the Federation for Fiscal Year 2022.

With 274 votes in favor, 219 against and three abstentions, the legislators of the Legislative Palace of San Lázaro advanced in the approval of the Federation Expenditure Budget (PEF) 2022, promoted from the federal executive branch.

Prior to the vote, during a session of more than four hours, the flag-bearers of different parliamentary forces expressed their point of view regarding the PEF 2022, which establishes the destination of the resources provided by the federal executive that, through the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), estimated that the coffers of the Mexican State will work with 7 billion 88,250.3 million pesos.

AMLO morning from Campeche, Campeche
The federal executive, through the SHCP, sent the PEF 2022 together with the Economic Package (Photo: Cuartoscuro) (Presidency /)

During this process, a tense environment was experienced inside Saint Lazarus, because the parliamentary forces clashed when expressing their points of view. They also highlighted the disqualifications and malicious reminders during the different participations of the federal deputies.

Of the most outstanding presentations, it is worth highlighting those of Gerardo Fernández Noroña, of the Labor Party (PT), and of Margaret Zavala, of the National Action Party (PAN). For both legislators, antagonistic to each other, presented data by which their point of view should be supported.

On the one hand, Fernández Noroña attacked the PAN directly and Felipe Calderon, former president of Mexico for that party from 2006 to 2012, whom he called a hypocrite and strongly condemned his participation in a subsidiary of Iberdrola.

“I am giving them their medicine because shamelessness is needed to represent Iberdrola after having usurped the presidency of the republic”

By contrast, Zavala Gómez del Campo said that although the president Lopez Obrador has a historical record in resource management, it is not enough to replace what Mexicans lost during their government.

“After having made drastic reductions during all these years, the increase does not reach or compensate for the reduction in education, health, the environment, or poverty.”

Finally, Sergio Gutierrez Luna, President of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies confirmed that, in total, they received 1,994 reservations, which encourages a broad parliamentary discussion so that the PEF 2022 be approved in particular.

Image of the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico (Photo: Courtesy / Chamber of Deputies)
More than 90 hours of work are expected to be approved in particular (Photo: Courtesy / Chamber of Deputies)

According to what was indicated by the National Regeneration Movement activist (Morena), requests were received to modify the articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 24, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38, as well as various transients.

The agreement established in the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) of the chamber establishes that for the discussion and vote of the PEF 2022, each reservation will be exposed by a legislator in a period of three minutes, this means that the amount of time designated to this process will be 99 hours and 42 minutes.

That is, if the presentation of the reservations were carried out uninterruptedly, this process would take you 4 days, three hours and 42 minutes to the Chamber of Deputies. In this context, a complex journey is expected for the legislators who intend to approve the PEF 2022. Finally, it should be remembered that the coalition Goes through Mexico presented their alternative project to the PEF, where they emphasize withdrawing half of the federal resources from AMLO’s megaprojects (Mayan Train, Felipe Ángeles International Airport, Transítsmico Train and Dos Bocas Refinery).


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