Crown of tears: who’s who in Televisa’s new telenovela

This is the original cast of the first part of Corona de Lágrimas, a telenovela broadcast in 2012 (Photos: Las Estrellas Tv)

It is currently known that the second part of Crown of tears will reach the channel The stars until the 2022however a couple of days ago various images of his filming were leaked and some cast names were unveiled, which is still forming.

As for the original cast, Ernesto Laguardia and Victoria Ruffo would be the confirmed actors while Geraldine Bazán and Adriana Louvier would still be in talks to agree to their participation. On the other hand, as a new actress she is Juliet Olivares and the role of Olga Ancira would be decided between Jessica Coh and Margarita Magaña.

A couple of days ago, Geraldine Bazán shared videos through Instagram about how she and Ruffo were being made up and combed their hair in the dressing rooms to take the first shots, although this could not confirm Bazán’s participation in the telenovela, since in the portal The stars none of the new names and roles within the story is confirmed yet.

This is one of the first leaked images (Photo: screenshot / Instagram)
This is one of the first leaked images (Photo: screenshot / Instagram)

From what can be seen in these images, it is known that the chances that Geraldine Bazán will be part of the cast with the queen of soap operas increase, that is to say Victoria Ruffo.

On the same September 9, other photographs came to light more on the Instagram account of Gloria Sierra, who shared a few seconds of her daughter Juliet Olivares on set with Ruffo, performing in what would be the first tests of melodrama.

Geraldine Bazán and her daughter on the film set (Photo: screenshot / Instagram)
Geraldine Bazán and her daughter on the film set (Photo: screenshot / Instagram)

Some versions claim that the recordings shown were aimed at elect the new Olga Ancira. Previously, the iconic actress has already clarified that it will not be possible for her to repeat her role because she has other commitments that have filled her agenda, so that the talented Jessica Coh and Margarita Magaña would be the prospects to play the antagonist of Crown of tears.

Most of the images have emerged in the networks of Gloria Sierra, who has closely followed in the footsteps of her daughter, because the official claquetazo would be given until December, when the cast is complete and confirmed.

Gloria herself shared that Ernesto Laguardia A recording set has also attended playing Rómulo Ancira, another of the antagonistic characters in history.

Secondly, José Alberto El Güero Castro, producer of this soap opera, revealed for People in spanish if there is a possibility that Adriana Louvier will join the cast: “I hope so. There we are in talks with her because she is also involved in two projects, so we are seeing if the times can be squared ”.

Victoria Ruffo if confirmed (Photo: screenshot / Instagram)
Victoria Ruffo if confirmed (Photo: screenshot / Instagram)

Crown of tears It was one of the most successful soap operas starring Victoria Ruffo, the great return of the actress to the small screen after two years away from the cameras will be through the second part of this story that premiered almost 10 years ago.

In 2012, the cast of the hit Crown of tears It was made up of the following way:

Shelter – Victoria Ruffo

Edmundo – José María Torre

Ignacio – Mane de la Parra

Olga Ancira – Adriana Louvier

Lucero – Africa Zavala

Juliet – Maribel Guardia

Romulo – Ernesto Laguardia

Patrick – Alejandro Nones

This will be a continuation and not a remake (Photo: The Stars)
This will be a continuation and not a remake (Photo: The Stars)

In addition to the talents already mentioned, it is not known so far if any other actor or if any actress will return to Crown of tears to bring his character to life in the continuationIt should also be noted that it is not a remake, but an original story that will start from the outcome of the previous soap opera.

“Crown of Tears 2, is continuity, with my children, Mane (de la Parra), Alejandro (Nones) and José María (Torre) who also miss them a lot and we will do it next year. It was planned to do it since last year, but with the pandemic it was canceled and this year also with this of LU and other projects were canceled for next year ”, Ruffo revealed at the time.


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