Comment on corona policy: wishful thinking instead of leadership


Status: 11.11.2021 5:42 p.m.

The pandemic will continue and it will get worse. But the traffic light parties approach the problem only half-heartedly. The vaccination rate can only be significantly increased with consistent 2G rules.

A comment by Moritz Rödle, ARD capital studio

If you look at the Corona policy of the Ampel partners, you could get the idea that the grand coalition wasn’t all that bad. The plans of the SPD, Greens and FDP are shaped by wishful thinking and not by leadership. According to the Robert Koch Institute, there were over 50,000 new infections within a day. In addition 235 deaths. Over 20 million people in Germany have not yet been vaccinated.

Moritz Rödle
ARD capital studio

With some it doesn’t work, others don’t want to. The pandemic will go on, it will get worse. And the majority of the traffic lights only approach the problems half-heartedly. This is not how Germany comes out of the pandemic. The decision to let the epidemic emergency run out on a national scale is the wrong message.

No one can rely on the countries

Germany would need a new “federal emergency brake” that consistently ensures 2G, where the incidences are particularly high. You cannot rely on the Länder on this issue either. Once again nobody wants to take responsibility. When in doubt, point to others. The result is a further increase in the number of infections.

It is clear what would be necessary: ​​the vaccination rate can only be increased significantly with consistent 2G rules. We see that in other countries. A consistent vaccination campaign is still a long time coming. But Germany needs a higher vaccination quota. There will soon be free tests for this again. At the expense of the taxpayer, opponents of vaccinations may remain opponents of vaccinations.

No fame sheet

The majority of traffic lights in the federal government and their governments in the federal states are acting too cautiously. All of this may make for a joyless, lonely Christmas. Politics is turned against the majority of the population out of misunderstood liberalism. By the way, Health Minister Jens Spahn is no help either, he was of the opinion early on that the previous legal basis was no longer needed.

Politicians are unable to find a meaningful way to combat pandemics. This is not a glory sheet for many state governments, not a good ending for the Merkel government and not a good start for the traffic lights.

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