Cologne: pub carnival under corona conditions?

Status: 11/11/2021 6:50 a.m.

To celebrate or not to celebrate? Many innkeepers are struggling with today’s carnival start. Is it too dangerous? Under what conditions is a party possible? The city of Cologne has already tightened measures.

Corona and Carnival – is that possible? The fact is: The city of Cologne issued the regulations for the start of the session on November 11th on Monday. tightened. In some inner city areas, only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered have access.

Because of the tense corona situation, the crisis team wants to introduce the 2G rule at the city’s carnival hotspots. In addition, all carnival events must take place indoors under 2G conditions. The NRW Ministry of Health in Düsseldorf approved a corresponding procedure.

Some pub owners pull the rip cord

In the run-up to 11.11. some bar owners have already pulled the emergency brake. One of them is Alex Haag from the Wirtz restaurant in Cologne. “Due to the currently increasing numbers, we cannot provide 100 percent for your and our safety,” said Haag, justifying his rejection of the pub carnival on his Facebook page.

But he also fears economic consequences if the Christmas party business could be lost due to a possible infection. “Since the situation is extremely difficult at the moment to even find someone who works in the catering trade, I would not find anyone who would say: ‘Okay, then I’ll stand in the kitchen for two weeks, where you are in quarantine are you.’ And so I would have to do it, “said Haag. The business with Christmas parties is more important than the 11/11 turnover.

Some bars closed, risk too great

There will be no celebrations in the “Bagatelle-Bar” this year either. Owner Daniel Rabe announced this on his Facebook page. Given the increasing incidences, the risk is too high. His emotional comment:

We’re not talking about a nice gathering or a Christmas market or a normal club, we’re talking about all of our carnivals. We stand for hours, close to each other, sing to each other with full throats, brace ourselves, and condensation drips from the ceiling. This virus is a double devil for Cologne women because Carnival is their very best friend. Nowhere in the world does it have better friends. Nowhere, that must be clear to us!

The pub “Gottes Grüne Wiese” has also posted a rejection on its Facebook page. Here it says: “After long discussions we have decided that the meadow will remain closed on November 11th. Given the current mood among us in the team and in general, we cannot imagine a boisterous party, and then we prefer to leave it. Very, very much a pity.”

Others rely on security concepts

Other hosts have decided to open, but rely on security concepts. The traditional restaurant “Oma Kleinmann” wants to open. They thought about it for a long time in advance. Tickets were sold in advance. “Only guests with tickets are admitted. Fewer tickets were sold than usual, so there are fewer guests in the restaurant than in previous years. It is a 2G event, and we have also organized that all guests shortly beforehand with regular guests next door be tested again quickly in the courtyard before they can then be tested negative in the pub itself, “writes operator Maureen Wolf. In addition, two fans are in use, it is ventilated, and there is disinfectant everywhere.

A few streets away is the Hellers brewery. Here, too, the operator wants to open up with a hygiene concept. The pre-sale of the tickets had already started in October. First of all, people who had been vaccinated, who had recovered or who had been tested by PCR were allowed to enter. But after the decision of the city, the Hellers 2G is now also valid. “The reason for our decision to celebrate 11.11. Is: We like to celebrate Carnival and our meeting place and our hygiene concept do not differ from the local discos. There, something similar takes place every weekend,” writes landlady Anna Heller.

“Short break” from the corona pandemic

Davide Giglio runs several restaurants under the name “Piccola” in Cologne. All branches remain open regularly. The carnival party will only start in a restaurant in the Ehrenfeld district. The room is designed for 150 people. “However, we will limit the ticket sales to 100 guests. There will be a box office, which will be controlled by us, so that the maximum number of 150 people will not be used up to the limit.”

It is important for us to create a safe and pleasant atmosphere for everyone involved during the event, “writes Giglio.” We made a conscious decision to hold the event this year in order to have a good time with our guests and to give them a short break from the corona pandemic. Of course, only people with a valid vaccination certificate have access to our restaurant and can take part in the carnival party. ”

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