Arturo Zaldívar asked Congress to reconsider the cut to the SCJN budget to consolidate labor justice

(Foto: Twitter/ArturoZaldivarL)

The presiding minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Arturo Zaldívar, criticized that the Chamber of Deputies has not approved the 3,000 million pesos requested by the Judicial Power of the Federation in the budget project for expenditures for 2022 .

At a press conference, the also president of the Federal Judicial Council (CJF) warned that without the requested financial resources, compliance with the Labor Justice Reform is compromised and put at risk, which is a commitment of Mexico with its partners. trade, United States and Canada.

“I really can’t understand what reasons they might have, those who ruled the budget for not considering something essential or relevant that, one, is a constitutional obligation; two, it involves bringing social justice to millions of Mexican workers. Third, it implies complying with Mexico’s international commitments, which, if not fulfilled, can generate very unfavorable consequences. & Nbsp; And fourth, the economic reactivation of Mexico is at stake “

Therefore, he called on legislators to reconsider this situation, as he stressed that if it were not assigned, it would affect the country’s development in different areas.

“I make a respectful exhortation so that this situation can be considered. In order for the benefits to reach the poorest people in this country, we cannot put economic reactivation or social justice at risk “

However, the minister said that if this situation continues and these resources are not assigned to the federal Judicial Power, they will not generate “any problem in terms of the budget.”

“We will accept and respect the decision of the Chamber of Deputies […] It is very easy to say ‘if there is no budget there is no labor reform’, but we have to see what forms we can think of “

More information in development.

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