Alberto Fernández: “I will take the time it takes to make the best agreement with the IMF”

Alberto Fernández with Cristina Kirchner in Merlo (REUTERS)

Alberto Fernández gave an effusive speech at the closing of the Frente de Todos campaign three days before the legislative elections that will take place on Sunday, November 14. The President reviewed the year of the pandemic, highlighted health management, the latest economic measures after the defeat in the PASO and once again marked the government’s position in the negotiations with the IMF.

“Of course we have to solve it, but I tell you: I am not going to solve it in five minutes because whoever does that is because they agreed with the IMF in everything it asks for. And I give the reason to you, not to the Fund. I’ll take the time it takes to find a better deal “, said the president in Merlo.

Fernández reached this point after reviewing the government he had received from Mauricio Macri and the main focus was on the foreign debt: “We solved it in our own way. It is not in five minutes. We spent many months arguing with private creditors but when Argentina ended it had saved 37 billion dollars that will not have to be paid in the future ”.

In tune with this, he alluded to the management of the pandemic and vindicated what was done by the Executive in health matters: “The pandemic has not allowed me in these first two years to do things in the way or at the speed that I wanted. We have not been able to, not because we are incapable: the world has conditioned us, the pandemic has conditioned us ”.

Axel Kicillof and Victoria Tolosa Paz were also speakers at the event (Télam)
Axel Kicillof and Victoria Tolosa Paz were also speakers at the event (Télam)

“We began on December 10 to walk a path that would allow us to leave behind so many years of pain and loss. And after 99 days the pandemic arrived. We had to face a moment unknown to all. There are no generations that have experienced this. But the pain was very great and we had to face that challenge with science as the only way out. When many told us ‘don’t stop the economy and let those who have to die die’ we chose to take care of them. We walked that time and we were among the first to bring vaccines, the first to vaccinate and we are from the countries that have the highest percentage of their vaccinated population. And that is a triumph for all of us, for each one of you ”, added the President.

Later, the head of state referred to what was done after September 12, when the Frente de Todos suffered a resounding defeat in the PASO against Juntos por el Cambio: reach ‘. And we listened and did. We improve family allowances, we improve the Alimentar Card and the AUH month by month, so that women can guarantee food for these children ”.

And he continued: “We were listening and we heard the concern about prices. We tried to discuss with the entrepreneurs, that we should please put a limit on the growth of prices. We set the maximum prices so that between now and January prices do not move and Argentines stop suffering ”.

The closing of the campaign took place in Merlo
The closing of the campaign took place in Merlo

“In this same place two years ago I had promised them that retirees were not going to pay more for a medicine and today they stopped paying for them. The reality is that prices continued to rise and now we have just signed an agreement so that until January those prices will freeze and stop being a problem for people, “he added.

As a result of this, Alberto Fernández issued new criticisms of Cambiemos’ management: “We said that we were not going to do with the rates what had been done until then. They told me that they had to decide whether to pay for the electricity or the medicine. That ended because the rates do not increase as they did then because we take into account users and SMEs before those who sell that energy, which have had stellar gains in previous years ”.

In the end, the president harangued the militancy for next Sunday and left a message for 2023: “I feel that we have done a lot and I am optimistic. We must continue on this path. The first condition that we must always take care of is not forgetting to be united. The first and essential thing is the unity of our space, which is the unity of the vast majority of the Argentine people. We are going to try to take firm steps so that this growth reaches each Argentine and Argentine. It is not enough for us that the GDP grows more than 9 points if the life of the Argentines does not improve ”.

“I want you to know that in the two years that remain, I am going to give up everything to be able to continue looking into the eyes of each Argentine and Argentine, I will continue working tirelessly so that all of Argentina stands up, each boy returns to school, our Scientists do not leave, each Argenitna finds a job and a decent way to live, so that those who have plans can replace it with a secure job. We are going to make that Argentina exist. On Sunday what I ask is that you help me, help us, to build the dream of Argentina that we deserve “, the President closed.

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