Accused ex-wind power entrepreneur admits fraud

In the trial of fake wind power projects, one of the main defendants admitted fraudulent acts. Ultimately, his contract partners were indifferent to whether the projects were actually implemented. At the same time, the demand from large energy companies for projects has been extremely high in recent years. However, the difficulties in the implementation have become greater and greater, said the entrepreneur from the Emsland on Thursday in the Osnabrück regional court.

The five defendants are said to have deceived energy companies with forged documents about the existence of wind farms and to have marketed these non-existent projects. The damage should amount to around ten million euros. In the event of a confession, the chamber had promised an understanding (Ref .: 2 KLs 1/21)

Why didn’t the law firms notice anything?

In some cases, he had also submitted falsified documents, the entrepreneur said. They were not noticed during the examination by renowned law firms. He had wondered about it himself. “Nobody just cared,” he said. Shortly after the contract was signed, one company withdrew completely from the market for renewable energies and turned to nuclear power. Market shares were important to his contractual partners. “So I got a foolish idea,” he said. “We said we’d like to build the package for them the way they want it.” (dpa / amo)

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