94% of hair salon staff “below the minimum wage”

A survey found that 94% of hairdresser’s staff were not paid the minimum wage. The average hourly wage of a hairstylist is 7,697 won, which is 1,23 won less than this year’s minimum wage.

On the morning of the 11th, Youth Union (Chairperson Chae-eun Lee) held a presentation of the results of a survey on the working conditions of hairdressers and hair designers at the Auditorium of the Youth Foundation in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Youth Union conducted a survey for young people under the age of 29 who have been working as staff and hair designers at beauty salons for a month since September. 333 staff members and 172 hairstylists participated in the survey. Generally, when you obtain a hairdresser’s license, you work as a staff. The staff learns skills for two to three years and is promoted to hair stylist.

The average hourly wage of a hairdresser’s staff was 6,287 won, or 72% of the minimum wage. It was found that they are paying 220,000 won per month in the name of education and materials. The average monthly income after deducting education and material costs was 1,297,000 won, which was only 62% of the average cost of living for single workers under the age of 29 of 2.1 million won. Working hours per week averaged 48 hours, longer than that of regular full-time workers.

8.1% of respondents said, “If you do not meet the contract period, you will have to pay a penalty.” Others said, “If you quit your job within three months, you have to pay 1 million won” or “You have to pay all the wages you’ve received as a penalty.”

Even after becoming a hairstylist through a staff member, the poor working environment did not improve much. A survey found that 76% of respondents were receiving an hourly wage that was below the minimum wage. 59% of them depended on performance pay for their entire income without basic pay. Working hours per week averaged 53.7 hours, and they suffered from long hours of work. 44% said they work more than 60 hours a week.

In hairdressing salons, workers are constantly exposed to chemicals such as hair dye while standing up to work. To the question ‘Do you suffer from occupational diseases such as varicose veins or skin diseases?’, 66.9% answered “yes”. Most of the hairstylists signed freelance contracts and didn’t even have 4 major insurances. However, 96% of the respondents answered that “there is a fixed commuting time”. In fact, it is pointed out that ‘only patterns are freelancers’.

Chairman Lee Chae-eun said, “The Ministry of Employment and Labor should conduct an investigation on the violation of the minimum wage for hairdressers and strengthen labor supervision and administrative guidance. ordered


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