“Workplace bullying, we have to fight losing”

Person A, who works for an IT company, suffered from excessive assignment of work to her boss, verbal abuse and slander, and reported the perpetrator as workplace bullying. However, no disciplinary action was taken against the perpetrator, and Mr. A was moved to a department unrelated to his career regardless of his will. I was forced to leave after hearing from my supervisor, “Do you think the company will protect you?” Person A suffered mental pain and was recognized as an industrial accident related disease. Person A said, “I thought that we only had to fight to win, but sometimes we have to fight even if we lose.

On the 7th, workplace Gapjil 119 and the Public Coexistence Solidarity Fund announced the 8 winning works selected in the ‘3rd workplace Gapjil scattering contest’. The work of Mr. A, who has been ‘losing the fight’ against workplace bullying at an IT company known as an excellent company for preventing and responding to workplace bullying, won the grand prize.

The contest, which was held from September 1 to October 15, received 48 handwritten notes containing cases of resolving workplace abuse and changes after the enforcement of the Workplace Harassment Prohibition Act. Among them, 1 grand prize, 2 first prizes, and 5 excellent prizes were selected.

Among the best works, the story of fighting against sexual harassment and secondary damage at work was selected. Mr. Choi reported to the company after experiencing sexual harassment at work by his boss, but was excluded from work. Choi endured every day, saying, “I sit at my desk all day, take care of chores, such as clearing trash cans and emptying three seasons,” and filed a complaint of workplace harassment to the Employment and Labor Administration.

Workplace Gapjil 119 pointed out, “Retaliation is serious, such as excluding them from work or encouraging them to resign for reporting workplace bullying. did.


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