Where to vote in Santa Cruz: check the register for the November 2021 elections

The Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the wonders of Santa Cruz (Shutterstock)

After the PASO, the Legislative Elections of Argentina of 2021 reach their final stretch. The electorate of the province of Santa Cruz will return to the polls this Sunday, November 14, to elect deputies. Days or hours before the vote is usually consulted “where do I vote?”, That is why from this article you will be able to know the school, the table and the order number to cast the vote through the definitive register published by the National Chamber Electoral (CNE).

Enter your National Identity Document (DNI) to find out your polling station in the 2021 elections in Santa Cruz. Attention! There are new polling places and changes from the last vote held in 2019.

The results of the STEP

Change Santa Cruz – 38.60% (Roxana Reyes’s list was the most voted of the internal with 30.81% of the votes)

In Front of All – 26.46%

We are energy to renew Santa Cruz – 23.43%

Left Front – 7.85% (Nicolás Gutiérrez won the internal with 61.84%)

What happens if I am not on the Santa Cruz registry

On October 25, the deadline for reporting errors in the registry closed. In the event that it does not appear in the electoral roll, the residents of the province of Santa Cruz could make their claim by any of these means:

By Internet: https://www.padron.gov.ar/cne_reclamos/

By email: [email protected]

By phone: 0800-999-7237

Staff: Av. Leandro N. Alem 232. CABA.


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