The unbeatable comeback of Pumas against Cruz Azul that led them to the playoff

Pumas celebrated its passage to reclassification (Photo: Alex Cruz / EFE)

Madness completely overflowed into University City, when the Pumas and cement manufacturers starred in the most vibrant meeting of the last day of the tournament Scream Mexico 2021. The University Club came to the meeting in search of his ticket to reclassification of the Mexican tournament. With a final score of 4 – 3 those led by Andrés Lillini achieved the unimaginable, a comeback.

The meeting had a vibrant start that leaned in the first minutes in favor of the university students. After a corner kick taken from the right side; Arturo Ortíz, central auriazul, finished off the ball with a header inside the large area of Blue Cross that left without possibilities José de Jesús Corona. At that time, Pumas also sought to maintain the result and hope, through counterattacks, to continue adding to the attack.

The minutes continued their fleeting passage and the feline garments were diminishing, a situation that was well used by the Cruzzulino team. Four minutes after Pumas’ first goal, Roberto Alvarado He took advantage of a dead ball in the area to send it to the goal box.

Alvarado himself began to dress as a hero when at minute 20 he took advantage of an oversight by Jerónimo Rodríguez to finish off the ball with a head and turn the scoreboard. The Hat-Trick of the Louse came 23 minutes later. Rodriguez became the victim of Shaggy Martínez, who overflowed on the right side and threw a delayed diagonal for Alvarado to sign.

It is not the first time that Pumas has achieved such a result against Cruz Azul (Photo: Henry Romero / REUTERS)
It is not the first time that Pumas has achieved such a result against Cruz Azul (Photo: Henry Romero / REUTERS)

The halftime served so that Pumas could reorganize. With a triplet of changes made by Andrés Lillini, Pumas began the comeback of the scoreboard with an accurate shot by Flavio Álvarez inside the Cruzazulina area. The illusion was still intact. In addition, the Pedregal team was encouraged by the large number of fans who gathered at the building twice for the World Cup.

The scoreboard tie could not wait and came by way of Diogo de Oliveira. Pumas was weaving the play and unraveling the defense of the visiting team. Juan Ignacio Dinenno He took advantage of his speed and close to the La Maquina area, he threw a lateral pass that was finished off by the Brazilian player and matched the cards. The jubilation overflowed in the house of the Pumas.

Pumas continued persistent in front of the frame of Jesús Corona and seven minutes from the final whistle Oliveira again took advantage of his position inside the area. The Cruz Azul’s goalkeeper rejected a shot from Dinenno towards the center of the area and Oliveira shot outside the ball to sign a golden afternoon for Pumas.

Pumas defeated Cruz Azul with two goals from Oliveira (Photo: Instagram / @ ligabbvamx)
Pumas defeated Cruz Azul with two goals from Oliveira (Photo: Instagram / @ ligabbvamx)

Despite various modifications made by Juan Maximo Reynoso, the university students confined the cement producers within their own field, and in the face of the feline attacks, Cruz Azul lost the idea to counteract. Arrivals of the current national football champions began to decline.

With that Pumas He accesses the playoff of the Mexican tournament, he added a total of 21 points throughout the Mexican tournament and his rival in that instance will be Puebla, who are in the sixth position of the classification.

On the other hand, Blue Cross it remained stagnant in the eighth position of the tournament with 23 points reached. Therefore, they will have to look at each other’s faces against Rayados de Monterrey.


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