Teachers’ Association warns of loss of control over virus in schools

Status: 11/08/2021 3:18 a.m.

The danger is “immense”: The German Teachers’ Association warns of a loss of control in schools with a view to the pandemic. There are “terrifying incidences” among the students. The mask requirement must be adhered to.

In view of the steadily increasing number of corona cases among children and adolescents, the German Teachers’ Association warns against “losing control of the pandemic in schools”. “There are terrifying incidences in the group of children and adolescents. The large number of corona outbreaks in schools must cause us great concern,” said association president Heinz-Peter Meidinger of the “editorial network Germany”. The danger is immense.

Meidinger advocated continuing to adhere to the mask requirement. “I think it is extremely worrying if federal states, contrary to the recommendation of the Robert Koch Institute, say goodbye to the requirement to wear masks in schools, although the infections in school children are going through the roof,” said Meidinger. “The mask requirement makes our schools safer, as shown by very recent studies,” he said. “That is why we will probably have to hold on to it as long as the 4th wave rolls through the schools.”

“We make the world as we like it”

Many state governments have established a basic stance on the subject of corona and schools that can be described as follows: “We make the world as we like it”. Those responsible put their own political wishes above scientific expertise, said Meidinger.

Infected children would bring the virus with them to school and would pass it on there if no protective measures were taken. “We cannot just accept that as if it were nothing. That is all the more true since there are cases of Long Covid among children too. The masks are annoying. But the students usually get along well with it, “said Meidinger in an interview with the” editorial network Germany “.

The association president also criticized the rule patchwork between the individual federal states. “It is one of the big mistakes in the political handling of the pandemic that it has hardly or only briefly been possible to come up with nationwide uniform rules for schools.”

It is not enough to see whether the intensive care units in a region are fully utilized – that would not do justice to the risk of infection in schools. “Incidentally, the fact that we need uniform rules does not mean that the same thing has to happen everywhere,” added Meidinger. “But there must be reliable criteria for different situations. There can be differences in a federal state if the situation is not the same regionally.”


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