Joe Biden: “Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo orchestrated today a pantomime of elections that were neither free nor fair”

Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo

“What Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, orchestrated today was a pantomime of elections that were neither free nor fair, and certainly not democratic,” denounced Joe Biden. it’s a statement.

“The United States, in close coordination with other members of the international community, will use all the diplomatic and economic tools at our disposal to support the Nicaraguan people and hold the Ortega-Murillo government and those who facilitate its abuses accountable,” he warned.

The North American president repudiated the arbitrary imprisonment of nearly 40 opposition figures since May, including seven potential presidential candidates, and the blocking of political party participation rigged the outcome long before election day. “They shut down independent media outlets, locked up journalists and members of the private sector, and intimidated civil society organizations into closing their doors,” says Biden.

US President Joe Biden (Reuters)
US President Joe Biden (Reuters)

For Biden, the Ortega Murillo couple no longer have a democratic mandate: “The Ortega and Murillo family now rule Nicaragua as autocrats”

The president affirmed that the United States supports the inalienable right to democratic self-determination of the Nicaraguan people, and that of any other country in the hemisphere in which popular sovereignty is compromised by the erosion of democratic norms, the suffocation of civic space or the violations of fundamental rights ”.

What’s more, He recalled that the Inter-American Democratic Charter obliges the hemisphere to defend the democratic rights of the Nicaraguan peopleand. “We call on the Ortega-Murillo regime to take immediate steps to restore democracy in Nicaragua, and to immediately and unconditionally release people unjustly imprisoned for denouncing abuses and calling for the right of Nicaraguans to vote in elections. free and fair ”.

The rage against the opponents began on June 2, when the Justice ordered a search of the candidate’s house Christian Chamorro and then his house arrest. Cristiana is the daughter of former president Violeta Barros de Chamorro, she ran the foundation that bears her mother’s name and the polls showed her as the leader with the best image to defeat Sandinismo.

With these arrests, Ortega only allowed 5 other candidates to register, who are known in Nicaragua as “stilt walkers”, since they are content to act as supposed opponents in exchange for some perks of the regime.. A) Yes, guaranteed his re-election, despite the rejection of the majority of Nicaraguans.

The Urnas Abiertas observatory, which monitors electoral violence in Nicaragua, recorded 1,656 violent events in the framework of the elections since October 2020, including 120 in the last month.


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