Daegu Catholic University Medical Center Announcement of Strike on the 10th

Workers at the Daegu Catholic University Medical Center located in Nam-gu, Daegu, announced a strike on the 10th.

The Daegu Catholic University Medical Center, the Daegu Regional Branch of the Medical Solidarity Headquarters of the Public Transport Workers’ Union, announced on the 7th that it passed a vote in favor of industrial action from the 1st to the 4th. The Gyeongbuk Provincial Labor Relations Commission held its last mediation meeting on the 4th, but it was unable to narrow the difference between the labor and management and declared the cessation of mediation.

According to the branch, since the meeting on August 19th, a total of eight main negotiations have been held, but the positions of labor and management are running parallel. The branch includes a 7.2% increase in basic salary, △ Discussion on the management of personnel for the patient transfer team △ Do not include prayer time in morning inquiry △ Regular and continuous work irregular workers become regular workers △ Include in the collective bargaining process for dealing with workplace bullying △ Recruitment of nursing staff △ Control of alumni gates They are demanding the prohibition of coercion to work other than their own duties, such as mobilizing employees. The management has proposed a 1.58% wage increase compared to the total amount and is unable to reach an agreement as it is in the position that it will proceed without consultation with the union regarding the management of personnel for the patient transport team. The request to not include prayer time in morning inquiry, regularization of non-regular workers, and recruitment of manpower were not accepted.

Shin Eun-jung, head of the Daegu regional branch, said, “The situation is threatening patient safety because the patient transfer task is filled with part-time jobs, which are very short-term contracts, and the hospital structure and geography are being put into the work without knowing the structure or geography. Even though it is specified in the collective agreement to reach an agreement with the

The branch said that if the hospital did not present a forward-looking plan, they would go on strike. The next round of negotiations is currently undecided. The branch will hold a strike eve in front of the medical center on the afternoon of the 9th with the participation of all union members. From 7 am on the 10th, the strike will begin except for essential maintenance personnel such as emergency rooms and intensive care units.


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