Behavioral grades in school are of no use

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According to an analysis by the Ifo Institute, top grades are meaningless for educational success and career entry. © picture alliance / dpa

There are always heated discussions about the topic of behavioral grades. Much ado about nothing, as Ifo researchers conclude from a data analysis.

Munich – According to an analysis by the Ifo Institute, the hotly debated evaluation of the behavior of students by means of so-called top marks is meaningless for educational success and career entry. When analyzing the data, the researchers found no major differences between students with and without the rating.

The controversial debates about these notes are “much ado about nothing,” said Ifo researcher Florian Schoner. “Neither in terms of school performance, character traits or employment, we can prove significant differences for schoolchildren with and without behavioral grades,” emphasized Schoner. Whether there were top notes has neither positive nor negative effects there. The experts in the study did not investigate whether students with good top grades were more successful than those with poor grades.

For their analysis, the researchers used data from federal states in which the top note practice changed – i.e. where these censorships were introduced or abolished. They evaluated these differences.

According to the researchers, one possible explanation for the ineffectiveness is that the information content of the notes is low. The subject grades of the students already included behavior and cooperation in part. dpa

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