Australia wants to mine coal for decades to come

As of: November 8th, 2021 9:25 am

40 countries committed to phase out coal at the world climate summit in Glasgow. One of the states that refuses is Australia. The country wants to hold on to coal production for a long time to come.

Australia’s government plans to continue mining coal for decades. “We have made it very clear that we will not close any coal mines or coal-fired power plants,” said Australian resource minister Keith Pitt to ABC television. There will be a market for coal for a long time to come and Australia will sell the raw material for as long.

He said that the demand for coal will continue to rise until 2030, Pitt said. “And if we don’t win the market, someone else will.” Then it is better if “Australia’s quality product” creates jobs and boosts the economy in Australia than if the fuel comes from Indonesia or Russia.

Climate neutral by 2050 – but how?

At the world climate conference COP26 in Glasgow last week, 40 countries announced that they wanted to forego the use of coal in the future. However, Australia and other important coal countries such as China and the USA did not sign. The government of Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced last month that Australia wanted to be climate neutral by 2050.

However, it did not come up with a specific plan for how this would be achieved. Canberra is apparently mainly relying on new technologies, which, however, do not yet exist. Australia is one of the largest producers of coal and natural gas in the world. At the same time, the country has had to contend with increasingly extreme climate-related natural disasters such as droughts, floods and bush fires in recent years.

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