108 times in front of the Blue House, a non-regular worker at the Korea Gas Corporation

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Irregular workers from Korea Gas Corporation fought 108 times in front of the Blue House, calling for conversion to regular jobs.

According to the non-regular branch of the Korea Gas Corporation (branch manager Hong Jong-pyo) of the public transport union on the 7th, 40 people, including the branch union members, held a cultural festival to win the conversion to regular workers in front of the Blue House Sarangchae on the afternoon of the 6th.

Six union members, including branch manager Hong Jong-pyo, started a hunger strike in front of the Blue House Sarangchae on the 3rd. As one union member was transferred to the hospital on the 5th, five people are continuing their fast. Separate from the hunger strike, the branch held a circular strike by branch from the 3rd to the 11th, and the union members who went on strike are marching from Mapo Station to the Blue House.

In accordance with the guidelines for the conversion of non-regular workers in the public sector to regular workers announced by the government in July 2017, KOGAS started discussing the conversion to regular workers in November of the same year. However, after the announcement of the guidelines, the management failed to reach an agreement as it adhered to the open competitive hiring policy for new employees and entrusted firefighters and the conversion of the subsidiary to full-time employees.

Hong Jong-pyo, head of the branch, said, “Even though we have accepted the method of converting some jobs to subsidiaries, we are sticking to our position that they are selected by testing them.

The branch will go on strike on the 12th and hold a general strike contest to achieve conversion to regular workers at Mapo Station.


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