Wanderers and Cerro Largo will face off on date 11

The local team has just won and wants to maintain its positive streak, while the visitor will try to get the three points again, after having tied on the previous date.

Wanderers defeated River Plate 1-0 in their previous encounter. In the last 4 matches played, they were victorious in 2 matches and drew in 2 matches.

Cerro Largo drew 1-1 against Boston River the previous day. In the last matches he played, he won 3 wins and 1 draw.

Wanderers and Cerro Largo will meet tomorrow at 18:45. The match corresponding to the date 11 of Uruguay – Closing Tournament 2021 will be played at the Parque Alfredo Víctor Viera stadium.

In their last 5 matches in the tournament they never tied. The local team obtained 4 wins and the visitor was left with 1 victory.

The local is in fourth place with 20 points and 6 wins, while the visitor reached 20 units and placed third in the tournament.

The referee designated for the match is Leodán González Cabrera.

Note and Image Source: DataFactory


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