Verstappen swept the Formula 1 Mexican GP and claimed the top of the championship

Max Verstappen made a great start and took first at the start of the race (REUTERS / Edgard Garrido)

The Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix started with everything as the two Mercedes drivers, Valtteri Bottas (started from pole position) and Lewis Hamilton they fought for the first position, but before reaching the first corner Max Verstappen (Red Bull) He passed them both through the opposite sector and captured the leadership of the race that takes place at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

On the long 800-meter straight on the Aztec stage, Bottas cared much more for Hamilton than for Verstappen, who managed to get his car to have suction (N. of the R: when the car in front has all the turbulence due to the entrance of air, he loses speed and the one who goes behind approaches him) on the car of the Englishman who he surpassed when he reached the first corner.

In that variation on the right Bottas was touched by Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) who lost part of his front wing while the Finn was at the back of the pack, went through the pits and when he returned to the track he placed 18th.

Then Verstappen set a great pace and took more than three seconds out of Hamilton. The expectation grew among the fans who filled the circuit as the two championship leaders are ahead in the race.

Then the Dutchman widened the gap with the British and in the 22nd turn he managed to take 7.8 seconds from him, who in turn began to feel the attack of the other Red Bull rider, Sergio “Checo” Pérez, accompanied by all his fans.

Hamilton could do little in the following rounds as Verstappen reached take 8.5 seconds to 10 seconds on lap 30, when the Briton entered the pits to change his tires. They put the hard compound on him and he bet on reaching the end with those compounds.

Three laps later it was Verstappen’s turn to stop (he also put on hard tires) who was left as a guard for the local credit, Checo Pérez. Red Bull’s strategy was for the Dutchman to regain the lead when the Mexican completes his stoppage in the pits, something he did on the 41st lap.

When Max took the lead again, the distance with Lewis was 9.4 seconds, notwithstanding the good pace that the seven-time world champion tried to have, whose morale was hit again when on lap 43rd the difference between the first and second was 10.3 seconds.

Sergio Pérez achieved his first podium before his people (REUTERS / Andrés Stapff)
Sergio Pérez achieved his first podium before his people (REUTERS / Andrés Stapff)

With 20 laps to go, Verstappen’s pace was hell and he got 13.3 seconds out of Hamilton, who began to worry about Checo Pérez, who was also improving his lap times and getting closer to the Briton.

In the last ten laps Hamilton had no chance to get close to Verstappen whose triumph ninth win of the season It was formalized after getting the leadership with that great game where from third place he jumped to the top of the race.

In the epilogue, Checo Pérez could not lower the second difference against Hamilton, who was able to finish second, in front of the other Red Bull driver who lived a party with his people: He was the first Mexican to lead the Aztec race and to get on the local podium.

Mercedes had as consolation the lap record that he achieved with Bottas and being able to lead the World Constructors’ Championship by just one point over Red Bull.

Verstappen was victorious and took 19 points ahead of Hamilton in the championship fight. The next date will be in a week with the San Pablo Grand Prix (new name in Brazil), at the José Carlos Pace racetrack in Interlagos,


Max Verstappen 312.5 puntos

Lewis Hamilton 293.5 points

Valtteri Bottas 185 points

Czech Pérez 165 points

Lando Norris 150 points

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