“They don’t use them”: Chalco mayor denied lack of braking ramps in the Mexico-Puebla accident

The tragic accident caused the death of 19 people, including the driver of the unit. (Photo: REUTERS / Luis Cortes)

A spectacular accident on the road Mexico-Puebla caused the death of 19 people and seriously injured three others in the afternoon of Saturday, at the height of the toll booth San Marcos Huixtoco, on Chalco, State of Mexico (Edomex).

According to the latest Federal Highways and Bridges report (CAPUFE), the tragic event, which occurred at 12:45 hours, derived from a brake failure of a cargo truck, that carried shampoo base. This caused rammed several vehicles in the Plaza de Cobro in the direction of the Mexico City (CDMX).

This version was previously indicated by, Miguel Gutierrez, Mayor of the Chalco municipality, before the media in the risk zone: declared that mishaps of this nature “depend on the drivers responsibility ”, Well, he pointed out, the road section has two braking ramps before the affected house.

“There are signs, there are two ramps prior to this point. I think it depends a lot on the responsibility of the drivers (…) The section is very clear ”.

Miguel Martínez stated that "there are two braking ramps" prior to the toll booth.  (Photo: REUTERS / Luis Cortes)
Miguel Martínez stated that “there are two braking ramps” prior to the toll booth. (Photo: REUTERS / Luis Cortes)

It is worth mentioning that the past 4th of October, a mishap was recorded at the same point where a pipe that carried molasses overturned after run out of brakes; the accident had a balance of three wounded, among them, the driver of the unit.

After that accident, Gutiérrez declared, the municipal government made a revision of the highway section, of which the presence of the two braking ramps indicated.

“We reviewed the section and finally there are two ramps. We do not understand why drivers do not use them when they already have problems with the brakes (…) That is what we have not explained, because The road is designed precisely so that those who have mechanical problems or some mechanical failure can use these ramps, however, they have not been used”, He asserted this Saturday.

“I think it was the drivers’ decision to follow each other. I don’t know if it’s fear of using the ramps when they already come with a high speed and they fear losing their life, I don’t know, that’s what I think, that it makes it easier for them to follow each other ”.

Despite his statements – and that the area is federal zone – the president promised to propose new measures that prevent future tragedies, one of these being the possible placement of speed reducers.

  (Foto: Twitter/@SUUMA_CDMX)
(Foto: Twitter/@SUUMA_CDMX)

After the event, CAPUFE asked motorists to take their due precautions before driving on the road, such as: check the mechanical conditions of the vehicle, do not exceed speed limits, avoid cell phone use, use the seat belt during the journey and do not drive while tired or under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that alters alertness.

However, users on social networks they condemned the alleged “negligence” on the part of the authorities for the compliance and strengthening of the regulations for heavy vehicles; others even requested the booth relocation due to the risk that its location entails, they pointed out.

“That booth is at the end of an area with 9 long curves and one larger than the pear. The vehicles end up very forced there”One asserted.

How long are they going to control those Kaffirs? They take many innocent lives for going to high speed they cannot brake ”, demanded another.

“They require exemplary fines to companies responsible for these trucks and inspections to the maintenance program of the units ”, published one more.

“Another solution would be relocation of the booths in a lateral section building ramps in their place that they occupy today ”, expressed a twittero.


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