The “Justice for Octavio Ocaña” march began in CDMX by the actor who played Benito Rivers

PHOTO: Facebook / Debate

At this time, relatives and followers of the actor Octavio Ocaña, met on the plate of the Zócalo, in Mexico City, where the “Justice for Octavio Ocaña” march began.

In the beginning, Attendees, who wear white garments, sang the traditional “Mañanitas” for the actor who would turn 23 this Sunday. Later, the family stood in front of the National Palace to exclaim: “Justice!”

Both the actor’s father, Octavio Pérez, as well as his mother and sisters, Ana Leticia and Bertha, as well as Nerea Godínez, who was the actor’s fiancee, are among those attending the demonstration that was organized through the Facebook group “Justice for Octavio Ocaña”.

According to what was announced on social networks by their relatives, the march is completely peaceful, so those present were asked to respect this fact: “PPlease do not forget that it will be a peaceful march full of much peace and wanting to be heard, “wrote Nerea on his social networks.

(Photo: Instagram / @ octavioocaa)
(Photo: Instagram / @ octavioocaa)

Demonstrations in memory of the actor will also be held in other states of the republic, such as in his native Tabasco and in the State of Mexico, where he died.

The route of the demonstration that takes place this Sunday morning covered the Paseo de la Reforma to the Monument to the Revolution. Throughout the journey, the protesters shouted slogans to demand “justice” for the Mexican interpreter. Banners with images of the actor also abounded.

Upon reaching the plateau in the Plaza de la República, the actor’s family stopped to make statements to the media. Both Octavio’s father and mother were extremely upset with the authorities.

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