The happiness of China Suárez amid the rumors of reconciliation between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

Since the scandal exploded between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, after the businesswoman accused Eugenia The China Suarez being the third in disagreement in her marriage, the actress used her account only once. Instagram to make a download on the subject. And then he dedicated himself to sharing postcards of his work in Spain and showing photos of his children.

In this context, and already installed in the country for several days, the former Almost angels touched everyone on Sunday afternoon by posting a video in which Amancio, her youngest son as a result of her relationship with Benjamin Vicuña, pronounces the word “mom” for the first time. “Ah! Mom said!”, Suárez is heard saying enthusiastically in the recording while she has the little one at upa. Then show the exact time it happened. “Mom …” begins by expressing the actress for her son to imitate her. “Ma … ma”, the boy stammered while laughing and she hugged him very excited.

Hours before China shared this video, the Chilean actor published several postcards in a luxurious hotel in Buenos Aires, where he went to spend the weekend with Bautista, Beltrán and Benicio, of his relationship with Carolina Pampita Ardohain; and Magnolia and Amancio, whom he had with the former protagonist of ATAV. Apparently, and as it transpired in recent days, the former couple – who separated in August – would be trying to have a good bond to preserve their two children in common.

Some of the photos that Benjamín Vicuña shared with his children this weekend

It was even Benjamin himself who, when the scandal broke out between Wanda and her ex, had decided to go out and defend the mother of two of his children. “I cannot let go of the violence that is generated in the media and networks against a woman I love and respect as the mother of my children”, wrote in a story of Instagram, in white on black and with capital letters. In that line, as he was able to know Teleshow, then he communicated privately with the actress and offered his support.

In terms of love, last week it was learned that Eugenia would have a new affair with the Spanish businessman Armando Mena Navareño, owner of a motorcycle company, whom he would have met during his stay in Madrid. The information brought her Estefanía Berardi, panelist of Morning, the cycle that leads Carmen Barbieri by City Magazine, who commented on the striking coincidences between the protagonists and, above all, their exchange on social networks.

The journalist added the information that she liked a publication that dates from 2016, but that she only began to follow it in recent weeks. And not a minor detail is that the same day he began to follow him on Instagram, the man posted a photo of him wearing a mask. Probably knowing that someone would discover this virtual day and round? In another post, he shared a photo and added the emoji of the Chinese flag. It goes without saying that this is the nickname of the actress, who immediately commented on that post with the emoji of a Red heart.

china suarez
The posting of the Spanish and the reaction of China Suárez

Meanwhile, this Sunday morning, Icardi published a photo with his wife and two of his daughters, on a plane in Milan. The photo in question shows part of Wanda and Mauro’s family in a private plane and, instead of a message, the footballer only put the location: “Milano”. Mauro’s return to the networks had already been with a post linked to his relationship with the mother of his daughters. The Paris Saint-Germain striker denied the separation rumors along with a photo in which the businesswoman’s hand is seen holding a beer in the pool and a clear message: “How nice to come home after a game and have your wife wait up for you, pile her up and have a very cold one.”


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