Shock in the world of bodybuilding by the death of Shawn Rhoden at 46

Rhoden passed away at 46

The bodybuilding world is in mourning after the untimely death of Shawn Rhoden by his coach Chris Aceto and his promoter Dan Solomon. The Jamaican bodybuilder had won the highest title in the discipline and became a benchmark for other athletes.

Although so far there is no official information on the causes of his death, sources close to the athlete told the portal Gerenation Iron that rhoden suffered cardiac arrest from which he could not recover.

Once the sad news began to circulate on social networks, colleagues, experts and fans expressed their pain through their official accounts: “It is very sad to hear his passing. He had always been a gentleman to me. Shawn had one of the most aesthetic physiques in bodybuilding. My condolences to his family, ”wrote the legendary Rich Gaspari

“This was a hard blow. Besides being a great bodybuilder and figure that he was, he was also an excellent father. Good rest my friend ”, or“ Rest in heaven my friend. My condolences to your family and may God hug your baby “, were some messages posted by those close to him on his Instagram page.

The career of the Jamaican was marked by different episodes since he began when he was 17 years old. In 1992 Rhoden started in the world of bodybuilding with good performances until He fell into depression and alcoholism upon learning about his father’s death.

After overcoming these problems and after a long period of recovery of his physique, in 2010 he returned to insert himself in the world of bodybuilding achieving a rapid rise. Eight years later I was going to consecrate itself in the maximum international event after hanging the medal and taking over the Mr Olympia del 2018.

With the obtaining of that title, Rhoden managed to stay in the sports history books since he was going to do it with 43 years and five months, which made it the oldest champion to lift the trophy. At the same time, that edition is remembered because it managed to impose itself on the legendary Phil The Gift Heath, who was trying to match the eight victories that Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney managed to achieve.

The following year, however, the bodybuilder’s career was to be affected again after receiving a sexual assault charge by a colleague at the hotel in Salt Lake City (Utah) corresponding to October 2018.

With the case under investigation, the American Media Inc (AMI) decided to officially ban Rhoden from competing in Mr Olympia, at least until the legal proceedings have concluded. Until his passing the accusations against the bodybuilder were never proven.

Rhoden won the Mr Olympia in 2018
Rhoden won the Mr Olympia in 2018


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