Ranking Spotify in Uruguay: Top 10 of the 10 most popular podcasts today Sunday, November 7

In a market as saturated as that of Internet streaming services, these platforms struggle to have the best productions. Spotify He is no stranger to this reality and, willing to become a strong opponent, provides his subscribers with the list of his 10 favorite podcasts.

We are talking about the list that classifies titles according to who is listening to what in real time. If you are interested in knowing what quality content is available, keep reading the following paragraphs.

1. Shell podcast

A space for dialogue for the feminine. #Conchapodcast is an independent and self-managed podcast by @oujima @ladalia and @laupassa

2. Horoscope today

Welcome to Horoscope for Today, a program that will give you a daily forecast of your own life! Here we will guide you on topics of personal growth, career, love and everything that the stars have to offer. Today’s Horoscope is a Spotify Original.

3. Understand your mind

Surely throughout the day you have 20 minutes. Choose the moment and we promise to help you understand YOU and understand them better. Fourth season, free, only on Spotify. | Understand Your Mind is a psychology podcast that, in an entertaining way, tells you how our mind works. With the voices of Molo Cebrián -podcaster and psychology student-, Luis Muiño -Psychologist and one of the best known popularizers of this subject in Spain-, Mónica González -Coach and university professor-, Rober Mengual -clinical psychologist whom you listen to in the Notes section.

4. Financial Neuron: Personal Finance and Investments

Let’s talk about money, let’s talk about investment but from the perspective of Personal Finance, with people at the center and not money. A podcast that seeks to help stop suffering from material stress.

5. Under the magnifying glass oops

Esteban Queimada and his journalistic team, from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 10:00 put the news, political actors and the main topics #BAJOLALUPA, truly independent journalism. On National Radio 1130 AM and LIVE on our website https://bajolalupa.uy/vivo We are waiting for you.

6. Your last diet · Magnolio Podcast

A cycle to know the principles that make the balance between rich and enjoyable. Designed for those who want to learn to eat by making the necessary changes in the routine and improving the relationship with food so that the results last forever. The meetings that you were needing to make your last diet. • Luciana Lasus has a degree in Nutrition, a specialist in Nutrigenetics and a postgraduate degree in Marketing. She has worked in clinical nutrition, aesthetics, education and research and in recent years she specialized in Nutritional Communication and Marketing. • Magnolio Podcast magnoliopodcast.uy

7. Pilar Sordo Podcast

Pilar Sordo was born in Chile. She is a psychologist, writer and lecturer. He is part of the honor roll of the 21 most influential people in his country and has become a clear reference when it comes to consulting on issues related to female psychology, family and relationship issues, adolescent and adult sexuality, among others. In addition, she is the author of several books, among which are Viva la difference, I don’t want to grow up and Seduction Lessons. Commentator on typical behavior in different Latin American countries. His works are expressed in a language for “Todo Público”; using their own experiences to conduct research, analyze it, and build conclusions.

8. Kicking genes Magnolio Podcast

A podcast to unravel the mysteries of biology. In the first season we will seek to understand what a virus is, how it mutates and infects us, up to its use for the development of new therapies. • Gonzalo Moratorio is a world-renowned scientist. Virologist. Featured by the journal Nature as one of the 10 international personalities who collaborated with science in times of pandemic. • Magnolio Podcast magnoliopodcast.uy

9. Changing the way of being born

A podcast from Uruguay Maternal

10. Philosophy with Shuli

Hello for those who do not know me, I am Giuli, I do a podcast mainly on philosophy. I also upload videos to all the networks and if you have any suggestions you can send me a message on my Instagram which is @giulimorelli_ Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/shulimorelli/support

Were you aware of the renown of the podcasts that Spotify offers you?

There are more and more followers of this format on this platform and the number of users It does not stop growing. What themes will be preferred by the Uruguayan public in the future? What will be the next figure that will become a reference?

Stay tuned, we will know soon.


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