Poland: Abortion is legal if mother’s health is in danger

WARSAW (AP) – Poland’s Health Ministry on Sunday issued instructions to the country’s doctors confirming that it is legal to terminate a woman’s pregnancy if the mother’s health or life is in danger, amid widespread confusion over a new one. law that restricts the right to abortion.

The bulletin delivered to obstetricians comes amid a great national uproar over the death of a 30-year-old woman whose pregnancy was suffering from complications. The woman died in September but only a few days ago it was made public. Doctors at Pszczyna hospital refrained from performing an abortion even though the fetus lacked amniotic fluid, relatives and lawyers reported.

The doctors in the case have been suspended and authorities are investigating the circumstances of what happened.

Thousands of Polish citizens have taken to the streets to protest, blaming the strict abortion law for the woman’s death. Activists denounce that the law has had a chilling effect on doctors in this deeply Catholic country.

The ministry clarified that the law does allow abortions when the woman’s health is in danger, and especially when there is a threat of death. The newsletter includes instructions for cases where there is a shortage of amniotic fluid.


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