Milei closed her campaign with criticism of Kirchnerism and “the doves” of Together for Change: “What I propose is to free the people from so much state pressure”

Javier Milei held his campaign closing ceremony in Parque Lezama

Javier Milei stretched his entrance into the amphitheater of the Lezama Park, his last show before the November 14 elections. Before a crowd, the candidate for national deputy of Freedom Advances made his campaign closing with his typical speech against “the political caste.” “Why are they afraid of freedom if what I propose is to free the Argentine people from so much state pressure”, pointed against Kirchnerism and Together for Change.

An afternoon that was marked by bands, an orchestra and then a DJ who played songs from AC / DC, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Rolling Stones, and many others from rock n ‘roll and hard rock from the’ 60s, ’70s and’ 80, was the cocktail to create a “Epic climate” on which the libertarian economist stormed at dusk.

Flags of Libertarian Party of CABA, from HELP, from US, from Unite, as many yellow and black with a drawn lion and the legend “Milei 2021 ″, and even an Israeli flag circling the public, was the political seasoning of this campaign closing that was intended to be different from that of traditional spaces.

Minutes before 9:00 p.m., the candidate for deputy appeared on one of the sides of the amphitheater, descending the steps in the middle of a yellow smoke from the flares that accompanied his passage. He did it while playing in the background Panic Show, by La Renga, despite the controversy that was generated with the Mataderos group when I used the same song at the end of the campaign prior to PASO.

“Free souls, glorious lions … at the beginning of this campaign I said that I was not coming to guide lambs, I said that I was coming to awaken lions; you woke up, you roared, and today the caste is scared, the caste is scared “, began his speech by emboldening the 15 thousand people who approached this Saturday: liberals, libertarians, conservatives and even former voters of Together for Change disillusioned with the course taken by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and María Eugenia Vidal in the opposition coalition.

“To those who said it was dangerous, to the pseudo opposition who said it was a problem if they gave me power, Why are they afraid of freedom? If what I propose is to free the Argentine people from so much state pressure “he added as he outlined a slight smile.

Milei campaign closure
After 4 pm the libertarian militants began to arrive (Luciano González)

Milei stated that “in this Argentina of decadence”, only “the parasites of politics” progressed, which she defined as “The impoverishing caste.” On his lectern, the future national deputy had written down the roadmap of his speech, a “memory aid” to guide him in the half hour that his last presentation lasted before the elections next Sunday.

Among the topics that he mentioned, he predicted that “Argentina is on the way to a new default”: “We are tributary slaves of the useless parasitic political corporation, when it was not enough for them to raise taxes they had to resort to indebtedness and today Argentina has already surpassed Ecuador, being the maximum serial defaulter in modern history.” “And when they can’t raise more taxes or borrow more, they hit the machine,” he added, and wondered: “What does the political caste want us to be the largest slum in the world?”

Act of Javier Milei
They estimate that 15 thousand people approached the closing of Milei’s campaign

Despite the deepening of the crisis that she anticipated, Milei assured that, “unlike other times”, now “There is a light at the end of the road, because the rebirth of freedom is taking place”.

The libertarian leader dedicated a critical paragraph to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. After criticizing the Government for the handling of the epidemiological situation in the face of COVID-19, he said that the head of the Buenos Aires government “sat next to the President and Governor Kicillof to lock us up, because he was yielding 50 rating points.” “It did not change until the polls changed, he was part of the trio pandemic, he is jointly responsible for all this massacre, for all these crimes against humanity, he is jointly responsible for having done us so much damage “added.

He also questioned that Juntos por el Cambio now appears as a liberal option. “The pseudo opposition, who now dress up as liberals when in their first 10 positions they have 9 socialists; when they had to go to the intern, instead of discussing the intern, they attacked pure-bred liberals. ” “Do not be carried away by the song of the sirens, you are lying, if you want liberalism do not take the trout and poor quality copy, choose the liberalism of La Libertad Avanza”, proposed before the ovation of the spectators.

Milei's act in Parque Lezama
Milei: “Why are they afraid of freedom if what I propose is to liberate the Argentine people from so much state pressure”

In the final section of his speech, the economist referred to the negotiation with the International Monetary Fund and explained that “the debt is the daughter of the fiscal deficit.” “If you do not like the IMF, the vultures and paying the debt, do not run a deficit, the fiscal deficit is immoral, it implies harming the poor with the inflationary tax,” he said, but warned that “the counterpart of the deficit” is “the adjustment ”:“ There we will see the wonderful battle that we are going to fight in Congress, This time we are going to make the political caste pay for the adjustmentWe are going to be with the people, let the policy pay for the adjustment, the privileges are over ”.

Milei senses that there is “A change of era” in which “the ideas of freedom will return.” In this context, he asked his followers to “be protagonists” to “get into the bardo of politics”, to “give the battle” to “help change Argentina.”

The economist proposed “to fight the cultural battle from the moral plane.” And, although he said that there is the option of the “revolutionary path”, he maintained that, as liberals, they believe “in the principle of non-aggression”, however – with a sarcastic laugh – he clarified that “they have the monopoly of the weapons”. “The other way is to get inside the system and fight the status quo”, established his position with which he justified getting fully into politics this 2021.

Milei campaign closure
Credit: Luciano González

Before Milei, her running mate Victoria Villarruel and the candidates for Buenos Aires legislators Ramiro Marra and Lucía Montenegro spoke. “We do not propose crazy things, we propose logic and coherence, politicians do not understand freedom, they think about their privileges,” said Marra, who recalled that in the past he came to be “with the pot” shouting “everyone go.” “Today, with the ideas of freedom, we are coming,” he stressed, and assured that “Larreta, Cristina and Alberto are afraid.” “We are against all of them, we are something else, we say bad words and they tell us dangerous and crazy, dangerous are they who impoverish us “, he emphasized.

Milei gave her last show before next Sunday. He has already secured a seat in the National Congress, but next Sunday’s elections will define the real scope that “the ideas of freedom” had in the City of Buenos Aires. The economist will await the results in the bunker that he will set up in Luna Park.

Milei campaign closure
Credit: Luciano González

On the libertarian front they are content with a result similar to the almost 14 points obtained in the Primary. Any percentage above will be celebrated. However, they dream of bringing three national deputies to Congress in addition to Milei: Victoria Villarruel (He chairs the Civil Association that brings together the Victims of Terrorism in Argentina) Nicolas Emma (President of the Libertarian Party of CABA) and Maria Fernanda Araujo (Head of the Commission of Relatives of Fallen in Malvinas). In the Buenos Aires Legislature, the bet is between 7 and 8 of the candidates.

Milei campaign closure
Libertarian fans came to back the candidate for deputy Javier Milei

However, the space advisor, Carlos Maslatón, who served as presenter and analyst in the closing ceremony this Saturday, was encouraged to speak of 30% of the votes and achieve a dozen Buenos Aires legislators: “All this political process founded by Milei is the beginning of something much more important … the year 2023 in which we all dream of arriving at the Casa Rosada and rebuilding the country.”


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