Melissa Paredes shows her new apartment after separating from Rodrigo Cuba: “New beginning”

Melissa Paredes shows her new apartment. (Photo: Instagram)

After parting ways with Rodrigo Cuba, Melissa Paredes start a new life. Through your account Instagram, the former model posted a couple of photos of her new home. As it is remembered, the ex-driver moved from the house where she lived with Rodrigo Cuba.

Although she only published two photos, the young woman wrote two accurate messages. “Right from the start….”The actress wrote in an image where her things are seen on the floor, in a still unfurnished place. In another snapshot, the painting of The Last Supper is seen. “New beginning…”, you can read.

In this way, the actress made it clear that she already turned the page regarding the relationship she had with her husband, the soccer player Rodrigo Cuba.

As it is remembered, the couple has had strong confrontations after Melissa Paredes’s ampay with her dancer Anthony Aranda spread.

Melissa Paredes posted two photos of her new home: (Photo: Instagram)
Melissa Paredes posted two photos of her new home: (Photo: Instagram)

In this apartment, Melissa Paredes will live with her little daughter. At least while the situation between the model and her still husband is solved.

As it is recalled, in the last edition of Magaly TV: La Firme, the host showed an extract from the file that Gato Cuba presented to the judge, where he asks for the full possession of your little one. Likewise, he disqualified his still wife as a mother, as he assures that after the ampay, he is only worrying about the child’s education.

For his part, footballer Rodrigo Cuba He has preferred to be away from the cameras and has only spoken through two statements on his social networks.

The ‘Cat’ Cuba recently sent his still wife a conciliation proposal specifying what will happen to all the assets they acquired during the marriage that lasted about five years, from which their only daughter was born.


After Melissa Paredes was heard calling Rodrigo Cuba a “psychopath”, Doña Miriam indicated that it is not the footballer was a good father and husband in the time she worked at home. “He bathed her, took care of her, even cooked (for him and his daughter) because the lady entered the Great Show and was late”, he indicated.

“She said she had to go to rehearsals and then she would go to the gym. It usually came 10:30. Before (she got) COVID-19, she arrived early, at 4, she was with the baby, with the man, but when it was COVID, everything was different “he added.


Upon learning of the existence of Ampay, Melissa Paredes published a statement stating that she has been separated from Rodrigo Cuba since the end of September. However, hours later, the soccer player issues a statement denying his still wife, noting that he was just learning of the separation.


Melissa Paredes came forward to tell her truth. In the program América Hoy, the young woman reaffirmed that she was separated and that it was a lie that her husband Rodrigo Cuba did not know about the separation.

In a second interview and after being reported for abandonment of home, the model pointed out that she was a victim of psychological abuse, so she decided to leave. In addition, he described the footballer as a bad father.

Finally, in the Magaly Medina program, Melissa decides to show a supposed revealing audio, which would leave Rodrigo Cuba in a bad way. However, when listened to (an excerpt), Melissa is perceived to get angry, screaming and throwing Rodrigo Cuba out of the house. Calling him cynical and psychopathic in front of his daughter.

After finishing the program, Melissa sends a letter prohibiting Magaly Medina from revealing the entire audio. However, the journalist, although she does not disseminate it, decides to say that she did manage to listen to this material, and was very surprised, because it totally harms Melissa Paredes.


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