Mario Irivarren speaks after being accused of pushing ‘Fideito’ Menacho: “I have sent my apologies”

Mario Irivarren released his version after being accused of pushing the actor ‘Fideito’ Menacho. (Photo: Instagram)

Break their silence. Mario Irivarren decided to speak about his controversial attitude on the Telethon, where he was accused by users of social networks of having pushed the actor ‘Fideito’ Menacho to monopolize television cameras.

The member of This is war He spoke on this issue on his Instagram account, where he assured that he did not realize his action, as he was focused on something else.

“My people are really used to me and my fellow program members criticizing us for anything, but sometimes they go too far, really”, began by saying the current partner of Vania Bludau.

According to the reality boy, he just met the actor today. “Now, I am supposed to push ‘Fideito’, whom I had the pleasure of meeting today recording a sequence from the Telethon, supposedly for wanting to be on camera for a while longer.”

That doesn’t make any sense, simply when I had Rondón forward, I totally involuntarily ran to the right and I didn’t even realize that I had put my hand on ‘Fideito’s abdomen’”, explained.

On the other hand, Mario irivarren He said that during his participation in the Telethon, he had good chemistry with ‘Fideito’ Menacho, so he does not know the reason for the criticism against him. “There was no bad intention, today we met, there was a good vibe, we had fun and hesitated with Jota, with Gino, so I don’t really understand where these things come from.”


The member of Esto es Guerra attacked people who insult him on social networks for this incident. The reality boy showed the offensive messages that they sent him after the video went viral.

“Then there are all those people who come with their attacks, with their offenses, with their insults, talking to you about humility and a series of things, that I no longer know whether to laugh or bother myself because they are things that are irrelevant, there is no problem here ”, Indian.


To conclude with this controversy, Mario Irivarren said that he communicated internally with the actor from Back in the neighborhood to apologize, as he clarified once again that it was not his intention to push him or want to put him aside to have more presence before the cameras.

I have also sent my apologies internally, if you feel that I acted in bad faith, I did not even realize it, it was a totally unconscious act, so I apologize here too and I hope that with that the issue is clarified “, added.

Finally, the reality boy recalled that during the short time he participated in the Telethon, he was compared with the actor because of the physical appearance he had years before entering Combate.

“To finish, everything is fine with ‘Fideito’, today we have met, we have hesitated, they have chacote us because they told me that I was like that 10 years ago, you can ask him and he will answer the same thing” , sentenced.


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