Libyan government rejects suspension of minister

CAIRO (AP) – The Libyan government rejected on Sunday the presidential council’s decision to suspend the foreign minister on charges of monopolizing the field of foreign relations.

The dispute threatens to destabilize the North African nation just seven weeks before the elections, and comes shortly before an international conference in Paris that seeks to ratify the decision to hold the elections on December 24.

The Government of National Unity declared in a statement that the presidential council does not have the power to suspend Minister Najla Mangoush, whom it praised, noting her work at the international conference held in Tripoli last month to solve sensitive national problems before the elections. general.

The government claimed that appointing, investigating or suspending ministers is the sole responsibility of the prime minister.

The presidential council, a three-member panel that serves as a president until one is elected, suspended Mangoush on Saturday night, banning her from leaving the country and accusing her of failing to coordinate its decisions with the panel. The council did not elaborate on the circumstances that led it to make that decision.

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