‘La Segura’ broke down in tears due to a difficult health situation

Photo: Instagram @La_Segura

Natalia Segura, better known on social media as ‘La Segura’, is one of the creators of digital content with the largest number of followers in Colombia, whom she surprised in recent hours with some stories that she published through tears through her Instagram account, in which spoke about the pain that he has suffered for several years.

According to the statements made by the young woman from Cali, all her annoyances are the result of some shots she received on November 23, 2013, at the age of 20, when She was going to get into a car in the center of Cali, where she worked as a saleswoman and, in the middle of a shooting, one of the projectiles hit her in the medulla (spine).

“Being sad is also fine, I consider myself a warrior who can handle everything, but there are days when you simply cannot handle everything and have to endure these pains for nine years, without knowing that I have to endure them for the entire duration. Life, sometimes it hits me hard ”, said the young woman with tears in her eyes, while she showed her feet in hot water to try to alleviate the annoying sensations.

In the same way, he let it be known that the pains in his body feel like an extreme burning in his feet, his spine and the scars through which the bullets were extracted: “They do not stop hurting and they burn too much because I have the altered nervous system ”..

While in other videos, ‘La Segura’ referred to those who criticize her because, supposedly, they do not see her make physical efforts in housework or in other aspects.

“People have to learn not to judge and not to say things they don’t know (…) there are people who are so ignorant and that’s fine, but go and overflow their ignorance elsewhere because if you don’t know what you’re talking about, then don’t talk, ”he added.

How did the events in which ‘La Segura’ was injured occur?

According to one of her videos for YouTube, that day Natalia asked her brother and her grandmother to accompany her to the car that was parked a few blocks from the site, but due to her family’s refusal, she asked one of her friends to go with her. Nevertheless, It was there when she received the shots that, according to the influencer, were the work of the then lover of her ex-boyfriend.

Once inside the vehicle, she began to scream when she did not feel the lower part of her body, so a neighbor helped her and took her to a hospital, where she had to undergo two chest surgeries, but the doctors told her that she would not return. to walk, and she remembers this with quite a bit of nonconformity because, for her, it was necessary to give at least a glimmer of hope and say that, with work, one could recover at least the movement “of a finger, nothing more.”

Despite the fact that she lasted several years in therapy, ‘La Segura’ had several sequelae on her body, as she cannot run or put on heels, she does not have good balance, she has spasticity (her muscles become tense and it hurts a lot) and when it is very cold, he cannot move very well. In addition, they give him cramps and other discomfort, although he is grateful that he can walk today.


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