Knife attack in ICE probably not a terror

Status: 07.11.2021 2:51 p.m.

One day after the knife attack in your ICE, an expert opinion questions the suspected culprit’s culpability. He appears to have some form of schizophrenia. He injured four passengers in the attack.

One day after the knife attack in an ICE on the route from Passau to Hamburg, the suspect’s motive remains unclear. The police are currently not assuming an act motivated by terrorism. Initial assessments indicated that the 27-year-old alleged attacker suffers from psychological impairments.

There is “no evidence of an Islamist background,” said criminal director Sabine Nagel. Furthermore, there is no evidence that the suspect had accomplices or accomplices.

Opinion sees evidence of “paranoid schizophrenia”

An initial assessment by an appraiser showed that the man suffered from “paranoid schizophrenia” and had delusional ideas, the Chief Public Prosecutor Gerhard Neuhof said. He assumes that “the suspect’s responsibility was suspended at the time of the offense”. The public prosecutor’s office applied for the suspect to be placed in a psychiatric clinic. Further reports are to follow.

Four passengers injured with jackknife

Shortly after Regensburg on Friday morning, the man had attacked other travelers indiscriminately with a jackknife on the train. The police first announced that he had seriously injured three people as a result. The authorities now speak of four men who were injured in the attack. A 26-year-old passenger suffered serious head injuries, and two 60-year-old passengers were also injured. In another compartment of the train, the suspect inflicted stab wounds on a 39-year-old. According to the police, both the 26-year-old man and the 39-year-old traveler are currently still in hospital for treatment.

The police had gone out with a large contingent and evacuated the train. Around 200 other passengers in the village of Seubersdorf were looked after and looked after by members of the Red Cross. The railway line between Regensburg and Nuremberg was closed for several hours.

Attacks “as if committed in a dream”

The police had been able to arrest the suspect, who was born in Syria, without resistance. According to police chief Norbert Zink, he had lost his job the day before the attack. He is being investigated for murder.

In a first questioning by an expert, the alleged perpetrator stated that he had felt threatened by the 26-year-old passenger and “meant that this man wanted to kill him,” said Oberprosor Neuhof. The suspect committed the attacks on the other passengers “as if in a dream”. “So he did not deny the deeds,” said Neuhof. Furthermore, the 27-year-old stated that he felt he was being followed by the police. They send men to drive him crazy.

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