Juanpa Zurita will premiere series with HBO and criticism was unleashed in networks

HBO Max will launch a cooking series with Juanpa Zurita (Photo: Instagram / @ hbomax)

Through the official Instagram account of the platform HBO Max made known that the influencer and youtuber Juan Pablo Zurita will be the protagonist of a new series called “Juanpa + Chef” that apparently the first episodes will come out on November 11.

The influencer who currently has almost eight million followers on his Twitter account he found a long line of disapproval messages for his new series.

Gender comments against the production: “Hahaha no thanks”, “Why don’t you put on a different documentary or series”, “The series that nobody ever asked for”, “I had already forgotten about that show”, “Why do you think that is content?” , it reads between the reactions.

Several of the users wondered about the monthly payment that is paid to consume quality content and not those programs. Although several of his friends and his girlfriend wished him a lot of success in this new project.

The influencer unleashed strong criticism on Instagram (Photo: Instagram / @ hbomaxla)
The influencer unleashed strong criticism on Instagram (Photo: Instagram / @ hbomaxla)

Juanpa + Chef is a production of WarnerMedia Latin America. It was developed in Mexico for all the families and followers of this Mexican youtuber who seek to entertain themselves in each chapter and discover a peculiar and different way of cooking.

The series will have six episodes in which the influencer will be shown having encounters with the renowned chefs Poncho Cadena, Paulina Abascal, Adrián Herrera, Alejandra Rivas, Daniela Soto-Innes and Toño de Livier.

Juanpa will delight in each broadcast with delicious recipes and tips that go beyond what is commonly known. The moments of fun will be unforgettable in this new HBO Max series, thanks to the funny occurrences that the driver will pass while opening the doors of his home.

Weeks ago, the also model shared a series of images on Instagram where he expressed what he felt about his next release, in the photographs he looks happy with different poses, some with knives and others where he tasted certain foods.

The youtuber shared his joy with different photographs (Photo: Instagram / @ juanpazurita)
The youtuber shared his joy with different photographs (Photo: Instagram / @ juanpazurita)

Even though I am recognized (in my family) for making great smashed eggsIn this mission, the best chefs in the country (and the world) will accompany me to put my culinary skills to the test, and even more importantly, that you and I learn to become JuanChef ”, confessed the artist.

Juanpa commented that this was one of his greatest challenges, as he said he did not have a good relationship with the kitchen but at the same time he is very excited because he loves to form new projects in which he takes him out of his comfort zone.

“From exotic desserts like Pavlova (don’t worry, I didn’t know that existed either) to fusions like Birria and Ramen they will be able to enjoy with me,” added Zurita.

It should be noted that this production will have the same format as the one released in 2020 with Selena Gomez as the protagonist, which so far has two seasons of 10 episodes each and won an award MTV for being the best original series.

Juanpa Zurita has stood out in different projects (Photo: @ juanpazurita / Instagram)
Juanpa Zurita has stood out in different projects (Photo: @ juanpazurita / Instagram)

Let’s remember that lately Juanpa had different projects in different areas, such is her recent participation as a model with a renowned footwear and clothing brand, with some photos that were taken in the Historic Center of Mexico City, in places like Francisco I. Madero Avenue.

One of his last most successful projects was in Luis Miguel: the series, although it generated debate with his character Alexander Basteri the brother of “El Sol”. He recently confessed how he managed to be part of the cast and all thanks to Diego Boneta, whom he met at a parade and promised to connect him with the team.


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