Juana Viale revealed the advice she would give her daughter if she wanted to be a young mother

Juana Viale do not usually talk about their children in public and, much less, in Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand, her grandmother’s cycle that she has been leading since March 2020. But this Sunday she made an exception and recalled how her experience of being a mother was at age 20 and what advice she would give her eldest daughter, Amber From Benedictis, if I wanted to have a child at that age.

It all started when the driver asked Juliet Cardinali, one of the guests, if she would leave her daughter Charo, the result of his previous relationship with Andres Calamaro, start working in the media at such a young age, just like she did. “Of course not. Everything open that they were with me is how closed I am with my daughter. I started at 13 with XuxaShe was a little girl and I worked with her for two years. I made a path that I loved and I had a great time, and I am very grateful “, began by recounting the actress who plays Claudia Villafañe on Maradona, Blessed Dream.

But he added: “Now I see my daughter, who is already older than I was when I started working, and sometimes she asks me that question: ‘Would you let me work?’. With the Monday newspaper, what I think is that there is time, you are in no rushHe just started high school and is with his friends. It’s good that you enjoy yourself and have a good time, then there is time to work ”.

“Did you start very young?” He asked him then Sergio Lapegüe to Juana. “No, I started at 20, but with a daughter, I had given birth there at once,” she replied. And continued: “Yes, those things that one does like having young children. If Ámbar told me now that she was going to have a child, I would tell her: ‘Give him, drink, wait for a touch’ “. At that time, the driver of Notitrece inquired: “Are you going to be a grandmother? I did not understand”. To which Viale quickly clarified: “No, no, not yet. I’m dying”. It should be remembered that at the end of August the granddaughter of Mirtha Legrand he had traveled to Europe to accompany his daughter to settle in Paris, France. There the young woman is studying the film career and for a few days she had the company of her mother, who took the opportunity to take a few days off.

The day Ámbar De Benedictis visited her great-grandmother Mirtha Legrand on her show

At work, Juana continues to lead the two cycles of her grandmother, who on the last September 30 He had been shocked when he rushed into the Mater Dei Sanitarium therapy room after decomposing. At that time, a series of studies determined that he had a coronary obstruction, and professionals took immediate action by placing two stents in his heart. “I am evolving very well”, he counted Chiquita a Teleshow last Friday while he continues to recover and follow the instructions given by the doctors to the letter.

Days ago, his daughter Marcela tinayre gave a note on television in which he recounted the concern he had during the days of his mother’s hospitalization. “I was very scared and when Mom came out of the sanatorium I felt a pain as if I had thrown myself from a fifth floor. Pain all over the body and very tired. One day I did not do the program because I needed to sleep to recover, “he said.


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